Here's What's Worth Getting from the PlayStation Warner Bros. Sale

Twinfinite writes:

There's a Warner Bros. sale going on on the PlayStation store right now. Here's a list of games you should consider getting.

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PixelGateUk1529d ago

Mad max is pretty fun, as long as people don't expect a game version of the film

jc121528d ago

I love how Sony thinks offering Mad Max for $42 bucks is a good deal...its $29.99 at Best Buy right now, and $23 used on Amazon right now.

Sony's sales generally suck.

Germany71529d ago

Warner Bros. is doing a great job with games.

Team89er1529d ago

precisely Arkham Knight

Walter_Official1528d ago

I dont think the internet understands sarcasm.

djplonker1529d ago

Na only... Should be mentioned in the title or the very least the description.

barb_wire1529d ago

I picked up the LEGO Batman 3 bundle (w/DLC) for $17.50. Absolute bargain IMO.

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