Nintendo — Please Don’t Get Rid of the Wii U Gamepad in the Future

With the original Wii, Nintendo pulled the rug from under everyone’s feet. While the Wii Remote took the world by surprise, that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the most popular controllers ever.

With the Wii U, Nintendo once again caught quite a number of people off-guard. While it’s a lot more traditional than the Wii Remote, the Wii U’s Gamepad is still one of the most unorthodox controllers ever created. It’s big, broad and has a giant 6.2 inch touchscreen slapped in the middle of it — and that’s what makes it one of the best controllers I’ve ever used.

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BrandanT1536d ago

At least make it better. 480p is abyssmal nowadays.

AKR1536d ago

You really don't notice it. Wii games look heavenly on it, and even the prettier titles on Wii U like FAST Racing Neo, MK8 and Xenoblade Chronicles X don't really lose their visual flare.

That is, as far as I can see. I have a 1080p 56-inch TV and it really doesn't bother me to swap between the two displays.

BrandanT1536d ago

Perhaps I could've said that better. With Xenoblade Chronicles X, sure switching your view from the TV to the map isn't a big deal, but when you switch from the TV to the game itself - there is a significant drop in clarity. For example the text is tiny in the game, so when you swtich the game to the 480p the text, especially the text in battle, becomes blurry and hard to read in my honest opinion.

mikeslemonade1535d ago

People with they Nintendo glasses.. The WiiU gamepad is a poor controller. It's too big and flimsy. Flimsy D-pad and feels cheap. Doesn't look slick either.

maxleresistant1535d ago

Yes you do. And it's not just the resolution, you can see that the image is compressed.
I'm not saying it's not a great technology. I like it, and it would be nice if we can keep using it with the NX. But let's not kid ourselves, it looks way better on a TV

rjason121535d ago

I don't know what you're talking about, I can't read the text on the tv really at all, so I change it to the gamepad and can see it peefect.

bouzebbal1535d ago

fully agree with you. Color tone is a little lacking but the games really look decent on it.
I also hope they keep the Gamepad and just make it the portable NX via a software update.
Maybe NX can support multiple Gamepads at once? Could be cool.

indyman77771535d ago

It has more lines per inch than most tv's, because tv's are hugh compared to a tablet or even phone. So that is why it still looks good. Now if you had a 640p on a 50" screen you would see a big difference, and degrade.

This is the reason they always rate cell phone screens by lines per inch. But more is still better.

BitbyDeath1535d ago

What they should do is just pack the pro controller in as standard and release an app for tablets so those that want that functionality can use their own tablet instead.

Win/Win for everyone as I don't think Nintendo can afford to go the same route as the Wii U again.

Sure you can say that if it were not standard then not many devs will take advantage of it but then if you look at the Wii U you can see it WAS one of the components that drove them away in the first place.

Not only that but they are expensive to make which means Nintendo would have to choose again between more power and higher costs or limited power to keep costs inline with other consoles.

And again there is the issue of what happens if it breaks, selling them separately etc etc.

k2d1535d ago

Better yet - drop the pad, add IOS/Android second screen functunality!

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IRetrouk1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

@ mike

Have you used one? Got a wii u for christmas for my little girl, was honestly surprised by how good they are, and if my 6 year old girl can use one no problem, anyone can, how do you find it flimsy? I have been using it myself and its anything but flimsy, it does not feel big either and sits in the hand comfortably, im not even a big nintendo fan but the wii u is a good console and deff worth a buy, it does something diffrent.

Emme1535d ago

And thats why we need Nintendo.Look at the X1 vs PS4 situation, the X1 lags behind terribly despite the same third party support.The Wii U has an excellent game lineup and didnt really have to enter that fray.

indyman77771535d ago

ROFL! You tell them IRetrouk! I wonder how many of the people calling Nintendo flimsy! I used to believe them.

But then I bought a wii u last year for Mario cart 8 since I had every other system. Man was I surprised at how SOLID! instead of flimsy it is (the pictures does it no favor's). It is the most solid built feeling controller you have felt. Even the wiiu itself is very solid built. I was surprised.

I'm sure that no one calling the wiiu flimsy owns one.

Plus to add, this guy says it's too big? How is it you people criticize it for being for KIDS, yet the kids aren't whining that it is too big. They love it.

Nintendo = QUALITY.

OzzY-waZZy1535d ago

Flimsy isn't the word, but definitely plastic-y and cheap.

mikeslemonade1535d ago

But when the Xbox original controller came out, most people complained it was too big.

Nintendo fans giving Nintendo a free pass. Take off those Nintendo glasses.

I have all the consoles. I use the pro controller which is slightly better.

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GordonKnight1535d ago

That rumor of 900p 60fps could be for a handheld unit that will second as the gamepad for NX. If this is true then you will need both handheld and console for NX to be BC with Wii U.

jznrpg1535d ago

I wouldn't say abysmal , it looks good but it could be better . 720p+ would be nice but the price goes up as the screen quality does as well.

mshope101535d ago

i agree with you. they just need to make it HD but dont get rid of it. just this week i've played minecraft,smashbros,mariomaker ,xenoblade,injustice(got it onsale great game) all on my a gamepad while watching the NFL,NBA,NHL you cant beat that please dont get rid of the gamepad nintendo!

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nogoodusernamesleft1534d ago

i really want a new tablet gamepad for the nx. i am hoping they will add a higher resolution and longer battery life the wii u one has very short batteries. nintendo should make the tablet pad optional this time and stick to standard game controllers as default

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FallenAngel19841536d ago

They should really start putting better batteries in future Gamepad controllers, and DualShock 4 for that matter

wonderfulmonkeyman1535d ago

I don't know why they continue to avoid doing that.
Don't we already have battery packs that can function for close to 12 hours, by now?
If so, they should be including those into controllers at this point.

superchiller1535d ago

The battery on the gamepad is just one of many areas where Nintendo cut corners on the Wii U to save money on manufacturing costs, to keep their profits up. They clearly want to deliver the cheapest possible hardware, to maximize profits. Pretty sad.

pivotplease1535d ago

You can buy a double capacity battery for the controller on their website for not too much. It's probably a nice upgrade but I was never motivated to spend the money. I usually prefer the pro controller that lasts like 80 hours anyway. Still can't believe it lasts that long. Terrible rumble definitely helped make this possible.

1535d ago
Bahamut1535d ago

I had to buy a better battery from the Nintendo Store for like 40 bucks. It extends the life substantially though, and I suggest you all do that too. I get at least 12 hours of battery life out of it now. It really should have come with it, but at least the option is there.

Aloy-Boyfriend1536d ago

Don't get rid of it, but don't make it mandatory to navegate the console or to play some games. Options!!!

T1ttyMunch3r1535d ago

It should be something optional

WheatBread1535d ago

I hope the next console includes a regular controller.

wonderfulmonkeyman1535d ago

The game pad has all the same buttons as the Pro Controller.[which, btw, you could have gotten when it launched as it was included in Zombi U bundles]
Aside from size and touch screen there's literally no difference.

WheatBread1535d ago

I don't like the size or the touch screen.

iplay1up21535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

No use, these people bashing the gamepad mostly Nintendo haters. Wii U allows hands down, the most options of controllers on any system. I personally use the gamepad on at least 75% of my Wii U games.

You and I both know, the gamepad makes gaming more seamless.

The gamepad is well made, not cheap feeling at all. On what other system can you do the things the gamepad allows us to do?

I get sick of people who have never even spent any real time with the system rip it apart. I really have no use for XB1, and could rip on it and Microsoft all day long, but I don't. Halo 5 coming to a PC near you soon!

indyman77771535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

I agree with you GotHDGame. Everyone ripping on quality dont own the system I own PS4, Xbox one, Wiiu, PSP, PSvita, 3DSlx, DSLX, PS3, xbox360, and a $2000 Gaming laptop(after I replaced the HD with a SSD). Most of them are quality systems. But the only thing I own that is better built than my Wiiu is my $2,000 laptop.

Now they may be partially telling the truth about the percent of 3rd party games, even though it has way more than they let on.

But other than that it is a case of monkey hear monkey repeat.

wonderfulmonkeyman1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

The size is something I might be able to understand.
IF, you have exceptionally small hands or a shape to them that makes the grip uncomfortable.

But the touch screen?
In most games it's used in, it's a benefit, not a detriment, and in many games you don't even need to use it at all, so that's a silly complaint because, in said games, it does nothing to hurt your experience.

I'm not pointing fingers at you or anyone in particular, but the majority of the people who I've asked, in regards to why they hate the game pad, always come up with something either too minor to excuse not being able to get used to, or they start tossing out stupid phrases like "it's a stupid tablet!", which does nothing but prove how intolerant they are towards anything that falls outside of their traditionalist comfort zone.

Personally, I'm quite sick of all the bashing the game pad gets.
Its functions are useful and, for someone with medium sized hands like mine, there's no discomfort when using it.
My only real issue is its battery life and the ease with which the screen gets smudged/dirty, but both of those things are easily fixed.

Outside of those things, and perhaps the functional range for its frequency before the console stops detecting it, I've found the game pad to be superior to traditional controllers, by way of giving nearly everything they offer, on top of the benefits of a touch screen for when you either have no TV to use, or when the controller, if it had no touch screen, would have to use more complicated button set-ups to host all the functions that the game pad allows precisely because of the touch screen.

Some good examples?
There's no longer a need to talk to Midna every time you want to switch between wolf and Hylian form.
Touch the screen.
No buttons on the face of the controller needed.

Mass Effect 3: More powers on screen than what quick button combinations allow, giving you more combat options.

Dark Siders 2: Switch gear, including sub-weapons and accessories, quickly without having to pause and browse through menus slowly with buttons and sticks.

That's just three small examples; there are many more.

The Game Pad is not a bad controller.
That's just how it is.

indyman77771535d ago

Well said wonderfulmonkeyman if most of the people here had a wiiu you would have 100% agrees! So when you (and in a minute me) see the disagrees you should count them as Nintendo hating fanboys.

rjason121535d ago

So basically, just carbon copy ps4 and Xbox?

-Foxtrot1535d ago

So having a controller is now copying.

What's wrong with an updated Gamecube Controller...the Gamecube controller is Nintendos thing and has their unique design. That's the controller they should have evolved over the years like the DualShock.

rjason121535d ago

They already have a regular controller, it's called the pro controller and it works for at least 75 percent of the games on the system.

Phunkydiabetic11535d ago

100% agree man. This controller is useless. Why is there a screen on it anyways? Why would I take my eyes of my tv to look at some low resolution garbage of a screen? WHY WOULD I WANT A CONTROLLER THE SIZE OF A LOAF OF BREAD?!

It is the worst controller since the Jaguar. Real talk.

iplay1up21535d ago

Really, so I guess you have a Wii U, and are saying these things because you personally have had to use it for games And hate it!

Wait, no you do not have one, and are an immature troll! Got it!

Phunkydiabetic11535d ago

I have spent many hours on a WiiU. Certainly enough time to know the controller is overpriced shit. But hey, I dared to talk negatively about your beloved WiiU so I MUST BE A TROLL!

1535d ago
OzzY-waZZy1535d ago

Well said,

Aside from that, it feels quite cheap and the battery life on the thing is unbelievable this day and age.

marloc_x1535d ago

Entering text on my Xbox is PAINFUL post Wii

GordonKnight1535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

It's actually a great controller. The controller has no lag and controls two different screen at once. There is only one controller that can stream games with no lag and that's the Nintendo gamepad.

sk8ofmnd1535d ago

I agree the gamepad is a useless, clunky, over priced piece of garbage. Will go down in history as the worst controller ever... Only nintendo faithful think anything nintendo does is amazing no matter what turd wrapped in tin foil they get. Ohh myy godd its the best ever... NOT

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