VGS - Bioware Writer Patrick Weekes Explains How to Get a Job in Video Game Writing

Bioware Feature Writer Patrick Weekes spoke to VGS months and months ago about his involvement in the critically acclaimed game, “Dragon Age Inquisition.” On this week’s episode Weekes (see what I did there?) sheds some light on what it’s like to write for the video game industry and where he sees this beast heading!

- His origins
- Training the player to do the wrong thing
- Looking at the evolution of the media comparing it to the beginning of film
- It’s harder now to get a job than ever before, focus on the nonlinear narrative
- Get the application called TWINE! Get a job.
- Weekes talks extensively about the HORROR of “Peer Reviews”
- The most common mistakes that still happen in the writer’s room
- Key piece of advice “Make sure the player knows where to go next, and what he has to do when he’s there”

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