Fallout 4 Review At Skewed And Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a glowing review for the latest game in the Fallout series. They praised the customization options for the game as well as the multiple styles of play and action. They did have some issues with the crafting and menu systems though.

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DirtyPete1531d ago

Big fan of Fallout 4 glad to see such an honest review :)

Garethvk1530d ago

Thank you, we had done a bunch of stuff in other formats before we but the review online but I figured I would do it now since we had covered it on all the other formats earlier. For me the game is what you make of it and put into it. If you put in the time, are creative, and patient, then you will likely have a better experience.

thekhurg1530d ago

Odd you didn't bother to review the Witcher 3.

ASBO-51530d ago

Hey you're only 3 months late

Garethvk1530d ago

I had footage and radio up before it was even out to the public. Plus newspapers, magazines, and Holiday Gift Guides, so I finally did an online one of what I did months ago. Bethesda was more than happy to wait while we did the other stuff first.

SgtSlaughter2121530d ago

Review was good.

Clearly, English is not your first language. You should have someone work with you on proper grammar and sentence structure.

Rob72741530d ago

I've just started playing and I'm really enjoying it.
Seems like there's so much to do with my settlements to get them in working shape and looking great.

I bit worried that I'm going to come to the end of the story and lose intreast but I haven't got to diamond city yet and just meet Danse so I'm hoping I'm far off from the end. Am I?