Episode VII Stormtrooper in the Star Wars: Battlefront Files?

Here’s a rumor (or possible hoax) for you regarding Star Wars Battlefront. Someone claims to have found game files that indicate there might be First Order Stormtroopers in the game. He created a video for it showing these models/files.

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TheCatsMeow1525d ago

Well I sure would hope so. Those guys look bad ass. Love the new design.

SaveFerris1525d ago

Equip him with a riot control baton then he'll be good to go.

SmoothC9111525d ago

Actually I'd be surprised if it wasn't part of an upcoming DLC pack

kupomogli1524d ago

I'd rant how they've held it back for paid DLC, but there might have been an issue with the content releasing before the movie. That being said, not at all happy about the way Star Wars Battlefront was handed and didn't like how it played so I'm fine with ignoring it.

1524d ago
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