Video Games Need Single Player Campaigns

In the midst of many games abandoning single player campaigns, find out why one writer feels as though story modes and campaigns should be included in most games.

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crazychris41241532d ago

Not every game. Idk how a campaign for rocket league would work

Aloy-Boyfriend1532d ago

Not exactly that game. Well maybe something like Crash CTR or Diddy Kong Racing might work, or something like Mario Kart for Rocket League. Any other type of games does need a SP campaign.

XisThatKid1530d ago

thats like saying all games have to be in 3D or 2D or have voice work.

NeckBone1531d ago

Well it does have an offline Season mode. Meanwhile I can't play destiny without paying my Damn internet bill

ZaWarudo1532d ago

Not every game needs a campaign, just like not every game needs a multiplayer mode.

thricetold1531d ago

This! Let us all remember, especially the sp campaign crowd. If you're gonna scream at the top of your lungs not every game needs mp the same logic applies to sp.

The worst part is if devs listened to these folks we wouldn't have UC mp and a bunch of other mp modes that have proven to be extremely fun, despite the naysayers.

Lennoxb631532d ago

No it doesn't. A game needs to have good gameplay and content regardless of the mode. Plus, every game wouldn't work well with a single player campaign.

Darkfist1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

still waiting for plant vs zombies garden warfare 2 Single/co-op Player Campaign.

NeckBone1531d ago

I feel like major studios are trying to short change us by offering only multiplayer experiences. Remember how short and incoherent Destiny was when it first came out?

Or rainbow six siege? A game I used to play a ton of couch co-op with now narrowed down to a $60 online only game?

Or evolve? With all its cool characters it begged for some sort of campaign.

Or battlefront? Fighting the battle of hoth over and over again.. wish there was a story mode. Still $60 bucks tho.

Titan fall? Again $60 dollars for something I tired of very quickly.

And what about For Honor? They say it will have a campaign but it will probably be a training for the MP

vickers5001531d ago

I don't think they're short changing us for making mp only games, I think they're short changing us by charging for full price for them, especially when many of these games also have season passes.

thricetold1531d ago

Yeah I feel more shortchanged spending $60 on a one and done game that I get MAYBE 10-20 hours out of versus a game I get 100-200 hours out of.

NeckBone1531d ago

Exactly! maybe not short changing but maybe ripping us off.

Feels like $60 for a hollow game

XisThatKid1530d ago

I don't mind if it's 60$. As long as it's WORTH 60$ it can be Online Only, Offline Only, King Tut Only don't matter make it worth it in content.

rainslacker1531d ago

I think those games are aimed at people who don't really care about the SP. It's gotten to the point where a MP only game can exist and make money, and since they sell a lot, and typically have an ongoing revenue stream through DLC/MT, the publishers aren't expending the money anymore to get those extra sales from the people who would buy the game for a SP campaign.

It's a shame too, because some of those games I probably would find enjoyable...although FPS isn't something I'm a big fan of, but I really dislike the MP experience because I'm an anti-social a**hole who doesn't care to play others I usually tire of them fast for their monotonous repetitive nature and grindy game play. I love couch co-op or MP though, because I routinely play with friends in the same room. We have our own little gamers club where we go to each others houses once a week and play games, so it's great to be able to do it all together in one place. Sadly, those experiences may be lessened in the future as well.:(

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The story is too old to be commented.