Cliff Bleszinski On Gears of War 4 Writing:We Will Be "Pleased" With It, "Rooting" For The Coalition

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has commented on the upcoming sequel to Gears of War 3 by the newly established The Coalition studio. This studio is being headed by Rod Fergusson, who is a former Gears of War series veteran, having worked on the series with Cliff Bleszinski.

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DarkOcelet1533d ago

I loved the footage at E3. I cant wait to get my hands on this beauty.

Abash1533d ago

Gears of War is by far my favorite Xbox series, I hope MS is putting their all into making BOTH the campaign and multiplayer the best yet in the series.

I was really letdown with Halo 5, I don't want Gears of War 4 to have a weak campaign mode because they believe it will sell alone for the multiplayer.

DarkOcelet1533d ago

I am getting Gears IV for the Single Player Campaign.

Hopefully the developer get the message and understand that the SP is just as important as the MP.

I want some serious Jaw dropping moments in this game, like the first time i saw the Beserker or the Kraken from Gears 2.

I want some awesome 'Holy %%%%' moments like those.

babadivad1533d ago

No local co-op was what killed Halo for me. If the next Halo drops this feature i just won't be buying it. Looking forward to Gears 4. Local Co-op isn't as big a deal with this game.

GameNameFame1533d ago

Halo 4 and Halo 5 has been the lowest metascoring Halo to date.

We gotta watch out what MS does with it.

Mr Pumblechook1533d ago

What's everyone's thoughts about this year's biggest XBO exclusive? Will it be a better game than Halo 5 and do you think it will sell more or less?

Pogmathoin1533d ago

Thank lord I judge for myself, not use metascoring, which is used by fanboys on games on a console they claim they never touch.

candystop1533d ago

I hope they blow me away with single player too but I also hope they blow me away with multiplayer. I can't stand great single player games with crappy multiplayer or none at all. Both Halo and gears 1 were all about superb multiplayer and single player. Just because others can't provide a full package doesn't mean MS should scale back what they're good at. Ashame Halo5 single player wasn't on point but Halo 6 should rectify that.

mikeslemonade1533d ago

Meh who cares about Halo or Gears these days??

Give me something new.

christocolus1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )


Way to go offtopic once again. What does your post have to do with cliffs comment regarding Gears of War 4? Abash talked about Halo 5s campaign and you are talking about metascores

"We gotta watch out what MS does with it"


Do you own an Xbox One now?

Pogmathoin1533d ago

Lucky for you Mike, Uncharted 4 is coming.... GT what is it, 8? Shenmue 3, which needs your money....

mikeslemonade1532d ago

Yea we don't need another Uncharted. I'm not speaking in terms of a Sony fan. Just I get tired of generic crap.

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OpieWinston1533d ago

I loved that Rod is coming through with his promise of returning to what made the series campaign amazing. The dark moments of dealing with the creepy crawlies.

The first time you ran into Kryll was a legit Silent Hill moment.

DarkOcelet1533d ago

I agree. The game seriously felt like a survival horror game at times.

I loved the variety in it. It wasn't just all action.

_-EDMIX-_1533d ago

I like the more darker tone compared to the other Gears titles, but only as a horror fan. I wonder how much of the game is that.

Seeing how it got lots of positive praise by Gears fans, I assume its not out of the ordinary for the series.

1533d ago
alti1533d ago

uhhh that footage was boring. sorry.

christocolus1533d ago

Not everyone found it boring though..infact many I know loved it and so did i. The darker tone/atmosphere is what I've wanted since the original and the new enemy type looked really impressive. I guess there'll be many more to look forward to. Hyped for GOW4.

MachuchalBrotha3161533d ago

I saw it more a tech demo rather than actual gameplay. Plus the game was a long ways off from that e3 footage.

Orionsangel1533d ago

Gears 4 seems to be in the vein of The Force Awakens in that now it's the young generation taking the mantel from the old guys. It'll be interesting to see if any characters from past Gears games appear and look older.

DarkOcelet1533d ago

While it would be nice to pass the torch and all that but honestly without the humor of guys like Baird and Cole, the game loses a bit of its charm.

These guys were really cool.

XanderZane1533d ago

Game looked incredible at the E3 and the fact that it was still over a year away for release, means it will be better by the time it's released. I can't wait as well.

magiciandude1532d ago

Gears 4 will be the best third person shooter this generation. I am so hyped up.

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Godmars2901533d ago

Is he working on the game?

OpieWinston1533d ago

No Cliffy B isn't working at The Coalition or on Gears 4.

He has contacts in "The Coalition" which makes a lot of sense since a lot of the original Gears leads have moved over to The Coalition to allow themselves to continue working on Gears.

christocolus1533d ago

I cant wait to play Gears 4.. The male character shown off at E3 looks like the son of Damon Baird.

OpieWinston1533d ago

I'm 99% positive that it's played by Liam Mcintyre (Spartacus). So I'm pretty pumped if he's bairds son and Baird still has his sarcastic wit.

christocolus1533d ago

Can't wait until MS announces the date for the beta. I really want to see what The Coalition has done on the mp side of things. Halo 5 mp has kept me busy for quite sometime now but I think I'll take a big break from it once Crackdown 3 and Gears 4 are released.

YinYangGaming1533d ago

I think Gears 4 has a chance of being bigger than Halo if they do this right, very much looking forward to this game!

Summons751533d ago

Step one in doing it right...couch coop. Looking forward to it even though I have no idea how they will continue the games when they killed all the enemies at the end of 3. Haven't looked much into it either so it'll be a pleasant surprise when it comes out.

sullynathan1533d ago

Gears can never be bigger than Halo, lets be serious here. The hype for the series dwindled after Gears 3.

YinYangGaming1533d ago

Gears 3 was the last in the mainline series so there's no reason why Gears 4 couldn't get just as much if not more hype

sullynathan1533d ago

How is it possible for Gears to ever be as big as Halo this deep into the franchise? Please enlighten me.

1533d ago
sullynathan1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@chubby shameless plug. I'm not going to watch your shitty videos with 8 views. Take that away from here. It's best you stay with Gears and keep making excuses for it without sticking to the subject on how it could ever be bigger than Halo.

1533d ago
sullynathan1533d ago

@chubby then stop replying to this specific comment. The comment is not about Gears being badass, it's about Gears being bigger than Halo which is not possible at all at this point.

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_-EDMIX-_1533d ago

I actually don't think so.

Merely based on historic numbers. I'm not sure how better the series will be under a new team, or some new staff, but historically Gears sells below Halo, not above it.

Could change, but I've rarely seen a series go lower then another series, then sky rocket in sales based on a new team.

I've generally seen games do worse under a new team now that I think about it.

Dead Rising 3
Need For Speed

but we've seen reboots done under new teams eclipse sales of previous entries like DICE's Battlefront selling more units then both Pandemic's Battlefronts combined.

Maybe, Coalition would have to really knock this one out of the park.

Rookie_Monster1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Can't wait. The best tactical third person shooter last gen will be reinventing itself this Fall. Kind of curious if Cliffy have any involvement with it.

Paytaa1533d ago

You've never ran scrims or played Gears Gamebattles before have you? I could run any Gears map blindfolded at this point and with a solid team you can absolutely crush the other team.

It's a tactical arena shooter that does everything it sets out to do perfectly.

If you don't understand tactics in Gears of War then you will be thinned out. It's why the community is so small now.

It's still to this day the best third-person arena shooter hands down and I will gladly debate anyone who thinks otherwise.

sullynathan1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

@Paytaa No, the community became small because the series had nothing new to offer after the first game. Each subsequent release just polished or tweaked things a little.

Seriously, Gears of War was one of the biggest franchises last gen and one of the most influential yet now the community has gotten so much smaller than it was, ask yourself whether that has to do with "failing to understand tactics in gears" or because people no longer care for it and it has become the poster child for generic TPS.

No, Gears isn't tactical just because you can play certain mutliplayer game modes with your friends.

1533d ago
sullynathan1533d ago

@Chubby You would think the community would grow larger since each new gears game greatly outsold the last but then again you people like wall bouncing shit and call that skill.

Angel9111533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

Gears is a tactical TPS in sense that game uses tactical swat maneuver cover system. plus You can't go run and gun enemies on hard or insane difficulty like in other games.

Don't think you will understand what iam trying to say here..But if you have brains then try to understand what iam trying to say her

sullynathan1533d ago

@Angel Actually, how many games can you go run and gun on insane difficulty? Even within the third person genre, you don't have that many.
Hell, you can't even do run and gun in a COD game on the hardest difficulty either.
I don't know why you fanboys have to pull things out of your ass to defend your game.

So were calling hiding behind chest high walls "tactical now"? lol, I guess every TPS last gen that also had a cover system is a "tactical third person shooter"

Don't think you will understand what iam trying to say here..But if you have brains then try to understand what I am trying to say here and use better reasons to defend a game that you like.

1533d ago
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Sciurus_vulgaris1533d ago

I agree the game is tactical but at its core it is an arena shooter.There is a greater emphasis on map and weapon control than most other shooters.

Revolt131533d ago

Gears is very tactical, if you have a team to play with.

ShadowKnight1533d ago

Totally agree with you. Right now I think Metal Gear Solid 5 online is the best TPS tactical game currently.

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