Apple continues to flirt with virtual reality

"Despite having made no official announcements regarding potential plans to enter the race, Apple certainly seems to be moving in that direction. Following its recent string of VR-related patent filings and technology acquisitions, the company has reportedly hired one of the country's top VR experts." By Kyle MacGregor

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SaveMeJebus1534d ago

It's probably inevitable at some point in the future.

fei-hung1533d ago

They will probably release it 2 years after everyone else and then release it super expensive for iPhone users who will then queue up for days to buy it although it's overpriced and crap.

I believe they used this strategy with their iwatch.

Highlife1533d ago

That's their strategy with everything. Come out late and pretend they invented it.

Pl4sm41533d ago

and the I diots will think that apple also invented virtual reality. seriously the marketing team for apple are beasts. they could sell anything they want.

Apocalypse Shadow1534d ago

I figured they and Amazon would be next on the's only a matter of time.

stuna11534d ago

And this is why VR will succeed! All the major players want a hand in it, even to the point of partnering with developers of VR tech until their own form is ready. Also as a note, people best believe Microsoft are well underway with their own VR solution, and I'm not referring to Hololens which is AR anyway. They are just being quiet about it. There is no way they will risk missing out on the lucrative opportunity and potential it offers, while everyone cashes in.

joeorc1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

You are quite correct!

Google created along with others cardboard apps, and now Google has a development section dedicated to VR.

Already Microsoft has a cardboard ESK VR headset, and already there is indeed windows phone VR Apps & Games that work with Microsoft VR already on Windows Phone store.

When medical doctors can use a VR headset made of cardboard & using a smartphone be that Windows phone, Android, or Apple iOS powered & because of being able to use such save a baby's life, because they were Able to map correctly the area in 3D volume of a area of the heart. Before putting the baby or in this future case anyone under the knife.

When accuracy is of a paramount importance, And it proved to be a valuable asset to now have to save
lives, VR is no longer in doubt if its a viable technology today to put investment into.

When the technology in question can help save lives, you can count on more investment into the technology not less.

Immorals1533d ago

Apple would set VR back massively. Let's hope they stay well clear!

rainslacker1533d ago

Apple would probably make it more likely to go mainstream faster. Hipsters love to feel they are ahead of the curve.

Granted, Apple would probably get a lot more credit for the idea than they deserve, but if the tech succeeds, who really cares?

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The story is too old to be commented.