Goldeneye Source Beta Live

The beta version of Goldeneye Source has been released. This remake of the classic Nintendo 64 shooter built from the ground up to take advantage of Valve's Source engine. A beta version is now available for download from the official site.

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CardboardGun5244d ago

..but such a shame the community around it was nagging the poor dev team as they couldn't reach their deadline. As a result, many of the bugs they should've used that extra week to squash out, was left in. It wasn't their fault either, 'cause some new bugs kinda showed up out of nowhere the day before release, making things extremely heavy on the team in the middle of Xmas dinners and presents. Give them a week or two, and I'll promise you that these great folk will have a fantastic and quite bug-free BETA out for all of you with a love for HL2-mods and Goldeneye. This is really a whole lot of fun when the servers don't crash every three minutes.

If you can't wait, like me, download it like it is as of now, but don't come complaining here or to the devs about sloppy work, because I told you so. Now, have fun and rejoice, cause the rebirth of GE is near.

PS: I am in no ways an affiliate of the devs, just a lurker at the forums who never post.

THWIP5244d ago

...this would be included with, or made available via LIVE marketplace, for the 360 version of HL2:EP2.

jwatt5244d ago

I hope this comes out for 360 or ps3 because I played Golden eye like I play Halo. I love proximity mines.

Antan5244d ago

fav game on the N64!! Many nights were lost plyn 4 player split screen!!!! Man did i have to sit stupidly close to the tv!!!!

MicroGamer5244d ago

Firstly, they don't have a license use the Goldeneye name or the Bond character, secondly, they are duplicating the Rare N64 game only with updated graphics via the Half Life engine. I see them being hit with at least one Cease and Desist order in the future.

eepiccolo5243d ago

I remember a team that remade the original Doom into a Doom 3 mod, but only the first chapter since it was shareware. They thought they could avoid trouble only by recreating that part of the game. Of course in this situation, there are no free parts of Goldeneye available. And it's not like that is a foolproof method, anyway.

If there was no potential for future sales, Rare would probably ignore them. However, with the Virtual Console and other download services, retro gaming is gaining popularity. Even if Goldeneye doesn't show up on the VC due to licensing issues, Rare may want to release it some other way, and this mod could hurt Rare's sales.

So yes, Rare will probably shut them down if they get any sort of notoriety, which obviously this article certainly doesn't help...