Nintendo Minute Gives a Tour of Twilight Princess HD

This week has seen quite a bit of Twilight Princess HD news, with announcements regarding amiibo functionality and the new Cave of Shadows area. There has been plenty of exciting things to hear about, but many of us want to see some of these new features in action. Luckily, this week's Nintendo Minute offers an extended tour of Twilight Princess HD, showing off bits of Hyrule and new Wii U GamePad functionality.

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iplay1up21531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I hope the mini map can be displayed on the gamepad, It doesn't look like the gamepad is used at all, which will suck.....WWHD is fantastic whith the gamepad!

Moonman1531d ago

The video did show you can transform to Wolf Link by tapping the gamepad...

Summons751530d ago

The gamepad is confirmed to be used the same way as WWHD now with added wolf-mode button.

Moonman1531d ago

I'll be picking this up!

user66660471530d ago

Too bad some features are Amiibo locked.

Summons751530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Yeah one tiny thing of dlc while 70+ hours of content is still in tact with tons of new stuff added in for free.

It may come with the Amiibo but it doesn't change the fact that with the base game alone you are getting way more than the original and entitled brats are crying about an optional dungeon that has no affect of the game whatsoever. You really want it that bad you would have already pre-ordered the Twilight Princess/Amiibo bundle which if it's anything like the Yoshi's Wholly World Amiibo bundle will be available for quite some time after release anyway plus they are selling the Amiibo on it's own as well.

1530d ago
user66660471530d ago

70 hours on a Zelda game? Wtf...

1530d ago
calvincrack1530d ago

Nintendo employees always strike me as the most fearful of disappointing their corporate overlords