The DeanBeat: My rank is 3,440,250 in Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer

I had the rare pleasure of hitting the highest level in Call of Duty: Black Ops III multiplayer a week ago. This is the earliest I have ever hit level 55 in a Call of Duty game. That tells you that I like it, and that this Call of Duty multiplayer has turned out to be better than past games.

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Kornholic1530d ago

I don't know which is worse - the fact that his kd ratio is 0.59 or that instead of taking screenshots, he took pictures of his TV screen.

solar1530d ago

today's journalism at its finest.

Utalkin2me1530d ago


Yeah im sure being his KDR was .059, totally ruined the game for him and he didn't have fun playing it. Hate stat junkies, worse kind of player if you ask me.

SUCKxITxEZ1529d ago

But just think about that number for a second. Less than one kill per 10 deaths. You don't have to be a pro gamer to be a journalist, but if you play worse than my 10 year old brother and can't figure out how to take a screenshot, your article is probably a waste of my time.

SUCKxITxEZ1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

After reading the article I see his KD and it was actually .59 not .059, which isn't as bad as I thought, but I still found the article to be a waste of time.