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The Mario & Luigi series of RPGs has been running since 2003, and every entry has been pretty consistently good, with each new game building off of the original double-brother action formula. The Paper Mario series, on the other hand, started out great with its first two entries, got a little shaky with Super Paper Mario, and then had a meteoric crash into utter failure (looking at you, Sticker Star). Still, for the most part, Mario RPGs are a winning concept in practice, and I’d be hard pressed to think of ways to detract from them. Luckily, the crossover game, Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam, did it for me.

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3-4-51529d ago

Most of the reviews for this game are decent to good, where as the only bad ones are this site and IGN.

Lighter91529d ago

This game is great so far. I'm loving it.

belac091529d ago

seriously this review is shite. this game is really fun.