10 Best Open-World Video Games Of 2015

There's more bang for your buck here than in any other genre.

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Relientk771533d ago

Witcher 3

all day, everyday

DirtyPete1533d ago

Witcher 3 rocks, so much to do, so much playtime and great quality!

ClayRules20121533d ago

The Witcher 3, what an Amazing & Unforgettable gaming experience that was!

CDPR created a beautiful, living, breathing world with TW3. Side quests actually mattered, and were equally as fun & engaging as the main story quests.

CDPR has certainly raised the bar high for future Open World Games "in my opinion"

Segata1533d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X. The new standard in how open world design should be.

gerbwmu1533d ago

Xenoblade Chronicles X is such a giant world full of so much to do and see.....such a great game

ZeekQuattro1533d ago

My best is X. Massive open world plus mechs thrown in for good measure. How could it not be number one on my list?

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