Why No Man’s Sky Can Be a Colossal Success For Many

As the release of No Man’s Sky is slowly drawing closer there is a clear divide in the gaming world about whether or not the game is going to succeed. As one of the most anticipated games of 2016 the hype is undeniably huge for this game as exploring a procedurally generated universe with such fine details seemed impossible. The scope and expectations are limitless and this comes with cynicism towards the game.

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alexgibson1537d ago

I'm convinced this game is going to be one of the most successful indie games of all time. There's a load of hype, but that's only because it's one of the most ambitious games ever conceived.

Walter_Official1537d ago

Exactly, people want to only push out negative articles for the game because some dont want to see it do good.

Hereiamhereibe21536d ago

Sadly negative articles is what people want nowadays.

This game will be great (for me), it doesnt really matter if millions of people buy it because I dont play games that EVERYONE else likes, this game will sell though "because Minecraft". Minecraft had no real story or goals other than to survive and prosper which is exactly what this game is selling. Survival games like Rust, Ark, H1Z1, and DayZ all do REALLY well because there are no direct objectives and its all about enjoying the experience.

People talking this game down on the basis of there being no goal is down right ridiculous. Elite Dangerous, Star Citizen, and any other space exploration title sell really well, the main reason this game in particular is targeted SO much is because it is coming to a console. All these PC gamers who call themselves OPs or Writers are just butthurt that consoles are starting to catch up to the fun that is open world survival games. According to the massive success that Ark: SE is having on Xbone these kinds of games are likely even better off being built strictly for consoles and the fact that there is literally one survival game on consoles right now just means that market is so ripe for the picking, NMS will sell colossally well in fact it will likely drastically change the gaming industry as a whole and I highly believe that story driven games will become far and few in between just like they are on PC now.

Summons751537d ago

Your reason for believing it will be huge is exactly why I'm skeptical. It's a small team promising something that so massive that most AAA devs can't even do it and they are hyping it up to levels it probably won't be able to live up to it's own hype. On top of that the their marketing is confusing, they have no story or missions or basic reasons to even justify why you want to race to the center of the universe. The demos they have show have been super basic and all the same of fly through space, land on random planet, walk around, then take off again and doing nothing in the process. And the icing on the cake is that for the past year they keep bringing up the release date topic and only saying "it will be released soon".

I really hope it's as successful as they want it to look but until I play it and can see it for myself then I am highly skeptical.

Dark_Crow1537d ago

Yes. Exactly.
This is also not the first game to have done procedurally generated stuff.

Until the game is out there is no reason to think it will fail or succeed. I do find it concerning how much attention it is receiving.

At this point because of the level of hype surrounding the game. It will either be a massive success or a massive failure.

1nsomniac1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Couldn't of put it better myself. It's very clear that the idea is ambitious which everybody can get behind & be excited about but this also clearly makes them way out of their depth when trying to actually create the idea physically.

The fact that they are being very publicaly & purposfully vague & the increase in PR excuses from the the Dev & head CEO. Indicates that it's clearly not all peachy behind the scenes. IMO it started showing several months ago that they're starting to think they've created a monster that was never fully thought out.

Apocalypse Shadow1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

That is some ridiculous logic. Because you don't know, obviously there is turmoil behind the scenes and they don't know what they want to accomplish.

I've never seen people want to know every detail for any other game. But because Sean wants to keep things closer to his chest, he gets trashed for it.

That's like saying you want to know every level, every character, every weapon, every boss of uncharted 4 before it even come out.

That doesn't make any sense unless the person is impatient and can't wait to find out through discovery.

RosweeSon1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Unlike the AAA Devs EA, Ubisoft and Activision amongst others but these are the main culprits of yearly churners No Man's Sky Dev have shown they won't release it until it's ready not saying it'll be perfect but looks really interesting and would be cool to see what is going on once it finally gets here. All it shows behind the scenes is that they are taking their time Sony have got plenty of big games out or due they are happy for a couple to drop back a month or 2 if it's gonna help the overall product in the long run no one wants another assassins creed unity. It's hardly Duke Nuken forever I don't see why because they have more than likely just been working crazy hard and not worried about hyping a game that's already pretty hyped and likely to be able to hype itself once it releases, if it's as good as it actually seems to be then the game will sell itself. Sure there will be a few adverts about tho.

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The_GameBolt1537d ago

Excited! I also love games set in space. Hopefully this is more Sci-Fi than high science fantasy

Rookie_Monster1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Hope so. What worries me still is variety and mission objective type. If all you do is going to random generated planets and collect resources and have little to no interactive involvement with other players, it might get stale and repetitive after awhile. Hopefully more news will come soon with more showing of different mode and gameplay.

Also, hopeful for great mod support on PC. That would definitely extend its life and hopefully we can see many spectacular creations.

Nivekki1537d ago

I just want to know exactly what the game is about. Yes, I understand you can fly to whichever planet you want and see the life on that planet, but what are the ultimate goals?

A game that is different every time is great in my eyes, I love that kind of gameplay, but there needs to be more than that.

I haven't heard anything else that makes me excited about the game.

DigitalRaptor1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

This has been explained time and time again.

Nobody needs to be spoon fed this information anymore.

Apocalypse Shadow1537d ago

Gamers haven't heard anything else about the game because there is a thing called "DISCOVERY."

Back in my youth, gamers used to get basic details about a game like say castlevania or mega man. And it was your job to go out and discover the game yourself. I know it's hard to understand in the age of the internet. But it is what we thought of as part of the fun. The developers job was just to make sure it was "FUN" to do it.

I know that could be foreign to some. But it's time to learn the basics boys and girls. Being skeptical is understandable. Wanting to know everything on an exploration game is ridiculous.

Apocalypse Shadow1537d ago

the action of traveling in or through an unfamiliar area in order to learn about it.

Just in case people need to learn what "exploration" is.

MasterCornholio1537d ago

Reminds me of when people complained about Blow not showing enough of the Witness. Its pretty obvious what the objective of the game is. There's really no need for the developer to spoil the whole thing.

Main goal in No Mans Sky is to reach the center of the universe. How you do that is up to the player. Simple as that. People expecting this to be a AAA game filled with cutscenes and an elaborate story are making a mistake. This is similar to Minecraft where there's a common goal for players but how they achieve that goal is up to them.

jb2271536d ago

Totally agree...people say "what's the point?", but what was the point in Journey? The experience itself is the point, there's no need to have a measurement for "success" or "failure", just the sheer joy of artful discovery. That obviously isn't for all gamers but who wants a game that tries to be something for everyone? I'd rather play a game that tries to be everything to someone.

On the adverse, you can look at open world rpg's & their litany of collectibles, minigames & maximum amount of "stuff" to do is the very definition of tedium. They overwhelm me personally, and even if I try to break them down & compartmentalize what I want to focus on, none of those things are all that compelling in & of themselves...the games are typically lesser than the sum of their parts. Rather have a game w/ true focus on a couple mechanics than a game that tries to cram everything including e kitchen sink in in order to justify its existence. No Man's Sky looks to be the kind of open world (universe?) for me personally....more power to the Witcher & Fallout fans of the world but it is refreshing to have an economical & austere game simple in its presentation & laser like in its focus: Journey to the center of the universe. That is the only objective I personally need to hear.

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