Is it time for a PS4 SSD upgrade?

Digital Foundry:
The worth of an SSD upgrade mostly boils down to which games you play. It's a winner for a Bloodborne fan, where the cumulative time spent looking at loading screens can certainly add up by the end - and every saving helps. But for titles where quick restarts are on hand (such as Metal Gear Solid 5), the value of an SSD upgrade is lessened somewhat. But even here, we do shave seconds off the clock when booting into a mission, almost halving the process of a stock drive.

To put these stats into perspective, loading times across all six games tally up to 15 minutes and 50 seconds on a stock PS4 drive. By comparison, an SSD jumps through all the very same hoops in just 11 minutes, 10 seconds overall. The savings on a solid state drive can't be questioned here, but the idea of cumulative gains is an interesting one - an upgrade that means we cut 28.6 per cent of the wait across a breadth of titles in our library. The length and frequency of loading times varies per game, but it's something that clearly tallies up over the course of a year.

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bradleejones1530d ago

Newegg has a 500gb Samsung SSD for $159 right now. Pretty good price. I'll stick with my 1tb, personally, but $159 is a steal for someone looking to upgrade.

kraenk121530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

500 is way too small. BTW didn't countless tests result in the fact that a pure SSD is nonsense for the PS4 and you're better of with a much cheaper Hybrid Drive because the difference in speed is negligable?!

AndrewLB1530d ago

A pointless waste of money considering the PS4 only has SATA-II which is a huge bottleneck for modern SSD drives.

Check out the performance benchmarks here:


Would it? With PS4 Sata II port bottlenecking it? Not even if Sony were to allow external drives, USB 3.0 to Sata III loose so much speed that you'll fall back to Sata II speeds anyway...

Also, cconsoles right now won't even work well with MLC (much less with cheap TLC Nand SSDs like the one Bradleejones sugested, those will be bad blocks city in no time) because they rewrite too much, SSDs can't rewrite indefinetely like HDDs, which means the storage will "shrink" over time (actually, it will first take space from reserve, taking a hit on speed operation to keep the storage size, only to eventually fade away or burnout, depending on the software in the drive still being capable to read what's left). The only option that could really work well with consoles right now would be SLC, but it simply cost too much (while MLC had just reached under 1$/GB consistently last year, SLC is still above 10$/GB, or around 350 USD for a 32GB SSD).

I got a 2TB HDD so I don't have to deal with erasing and reinstalling stuff, I don't want to invest big money in a "downgrade" (because let's face it, even if I were still at 500GB, a 500 GB Standard MLC SSD cost almost the same as a PS4 itself, you're not putting 500GB in there unless you're filth rich, into which case more power to you, but that's just not my scenario) or even a new console (in case, somehow, defying all logic, Sony make a new PS4 model with Sata III port and SSD out of the gate) only so I may have to replace that pricey storage in 18 months because it was overtaken by bad blocks. No thank you, I can wait for PS5 or whatever next gen brings, hopefully with a smarter console that can manage rewriting properly for limited re-use flash memory and by a time the standard MLC SSDs with big enough size don't cost me a kidney.

tee_bag2421530d ago

SSD's would be such a waste at Sata 2 speeds. The internal 2tb HDD upgrade makes more sense.

k2d1530d ago

The price rises pretty steeply from hybrid to full SSD. Not worth it IMO.

pivotplease1530d ago

Not once for a console. Unless money is actually not real for you and you're looking for places to stuff it besides the closest garbage bin.

ThanatosDMC1531d ago

2tb is just $77 on newegg. Buy the seagate backup plus 2tb external hdd. Easy to pry open and just swap it out. Lots of youtube videos for installation tutorial for it.

Corpser1530d ago

That's not a ssd lol, 2tb ssd costs $600

tee_bag2421530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

Don't be a dope.. He's talking about the 2tb HDD..not SSD
Learn to read.

Revvin1531d ago

There just isn't enough of a performance increase to justify the cost of a 2TB SSD, I'll stick with my 2TB conventional HDD for now.

Unspoken1530d ago

2TB SSHD is worth it though.

kraenk121530d ago

The middleground...a hybrid drive, is most sensible imho.

PersonMan1530d ago

I've had an SSD in my PS4 and there's almost no difference besides loading times. In fact, pop-in is exactly the same as well as texture streaming (in most cases, not all), but I would say a 5400RPM drive is perfectly fine for consoles. That's what devs optimize on after all.

SonyMontana1530d ago

Lmao the only thing a more powerful hdd or ssd will do is speed loading times. It will not help with textures and pop ins. That's not how 99% percent of games are written to utilize system hardware.

PersonMan1530d ago

That's what I just said. It's not worth it to have an SSD in your PS4 because the games are not made to take advantage of the speed of an SSD

teo721530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

After I upgraded to SSD. Fallout 4 loads locations a lot faster. Very happy with the upgrade