Ubisoft Massive: PC Is Incredibly Important To Us, It's Something That We Care About

Ubisoft Massive's Magnus Jansén talked about the PC version of The Division, which has received extra care from the Swedish developer.

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ccgr1530d ago

PC is my gaming platform of choice

Alexious1530d ago

I'd say it's anyone's platform of choice as long as they can afford it.

ninsigma1530d ago

I like it as part of an ecosystem of gaming devices if that makes sense lol
I love my pc but I couldn't replace my consoles with it because of the exclusives. Sometimes not as as black and white as price but I do recommend pc for anyone who's interested because it's a great platform.

Captain_TomAN941529d ago

It's both the cheapest and the most expensive platform so the "Afford it" option really doesn't hold any weight.

sourav931529d ago

To be fair, it completely depends on the game and the individual. For example, I have a very good gaming PC, but I will most likely be getting The Division on PS4 due to the social aspect of the game, as I have more friends on PSN. So affordability is definitely a factor to consider when choosing platforms, but it's not the only factor.

Rayven1529d ago

Your comment is both stupid and naive at the same time. PC gaming is great because of $1000+ rigs that can play games at awesome graphics settings. If you considered buying a $300 pc build before a modern console, then gaming is not your primary concern.

aquaticDonut1529d ago

Well, a lot of people don't really understand exactly how affordable it really is. Certainly if you look at the costs of devices themselves, choosing between a device with a price of $800 or more vs $300-400 seems rather obvious. But that's hardly the only time you spend money in gaming. People tend to think less about how PC doesn't require you to pay an extra premium of 50-60 a year just for multiplayer/online. And few people outside of PC gamers recognize how much the free economy of PC games can bring prices down to dirt cheap compared to consoles.

Genuine-User1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I can afford it but it's not my system of choice. I have been playing on PC since 2002.

I haven't bothered with PC gaming for about 3 years now. Maybe in a year or two.

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Ricegum1530d ago

I've just built and ordered my first gaming PC. I'm really excited, I'm happy with my PS4, but I feel like getting a decent PC opens up so much more for me.

ninsigma1530d ago

Enjoy it dude! You'll soon become addicted to wanting push as many settings as possible in your games and be looking for the next upgrade xD
What parts did you choose?? :)

TheBurger291529d ago

As a fellow pc gamer, welcome! First game I would recommend is Arma 3.

thisismyaccount1529d ago


a written communication

edit: ho the studio is called massive?

kaiserfranz1530d ago

Well Massive used to make PC only games, so it makes sense.

Festano1530d ago

World in Conflict was amazing. I wish someone would make a sequel...

Aurenar1530d ago

I don't think so. They love console market, especially PS4.

exkalibur971530d ago

they used to, but as someone who works for ubisoft toronto they have fired alot of there higher ups for shit they have pulled with watch dogs and unity. they are really trying to be a better company but of course the video game hive mind will never forgive them

Peace_Love_and_FPS1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

I feel like time can repair that wound. Hive mind isn't really relevant because of the proof that they were f***ing over consumers. If they do good here I'll trust them as much as any other company. Syndicate was a step in the right direction, despite not owning it I played a decent amount of it at a buddies.

Siege was awesome though, they took a good direction with DLC for that game

kaiserfranz1530d ago

Don't be such a negative Nancy. Positive thinking rocks!

_LarZen_1530d ago

Syndicate was a step in the right direction. But Ubisoft got allot to prove to PC gamers that have been burned for years by sloppy PC ports from Ubisoft.

Crossing fingers The Division will be a pleasant surprise.

Alexious1530d ago

I think they're improving. Rainbow Six: Siege was quite good in that regard, fingers crossed for Far Cry Primal as well

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