Sonic Unleashed Story Leaked

WARNING CONTAINS SPOILERS... writes:"Sonic Unleashed is an upcoming video game and is the next game in the Sonic series. The game is due to be released in November. Here's some details on the game.

Sonic and his Werehog self will be the only playable characters. You can unlock a super form for both variations of Sonic. Eggman will be the main villain from start to finish, he's not totally in control towards the end but suddenly turns the tables. In previous games he loses control of the situation at the very last moment."

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MAiKU3802d ago (Edited 3802d ago )

How dare you release the storyline!!!! *destroys*

SONIC-KUN i believe in you!!!!!!!

ACTUALLY, this news is fake.

Cajun Chicken3802d ago

Sega stop insisting on calling Dr Robotnik 'Eggman'?
That's enough to put you off the game itself.

TheROsingleB3802d ago

Sonic runs fast and beats the bad guys!

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