Ex-BioShock Dev Shares 'Welcome to Rapture' Secrets

IGN - Bill Gardner was a designer on BioShock, and the memorable introduction to Rapture was his design. We revisit the classic area with him.

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Relientk771527d ago

Really interesting hearing these BioShock secrets and what the game could have been but what Irrational chose.

svoulis1527d ago

This game is timeless, I mean you can play it at any given time and always love it.

Hellsvacancy1527d ago

Still waiting for it to be remastered

Kingdomcome2471527d ago

Man, I really enjoyed that. My favorite game of all time, and it holds up 9 years later like few other games can. It's an absolute master stroke in design from top to bottom. I'm somewhat happy to hear that 2K plans to continue with the franchise, but it's not going to be the same without Ken and Irrational at the helm. I too would love to see this completely remastered, even though it does hold up so well.

Fist4achin1527d ago

I thought the idea of going past rapture to Columbia in the skies was also a great idea. These were all such awesome games and I will miss them very much.

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