The Division 1080p Direct-Feed PS4 Screenshots Leaked From Beta, Looks Amazing

Tom Clancy's The Division is currently undergoing a closed private beta. The official date for the beta is confirmed to be on January 28th for the Xbox One and January 29th for PC and PS4, but some lucky users are already enjoying their time with the game.

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WellyUK1533d ago

It will still have choppy frame rate.

Crimzon1532d ago

Yeah. All versions look bad, and it's pretty much guaranteed that both console versions will run poorly as well. Maybe PC users can brute force some decent performance with overkill hardware, but I suspect even that version of the game is gonna be a mess as well.

The game looks an absolute joke in comparison to the original "gameplay" reveal, almost like an entire generation of difference. This is what you get with Ubisoft games however so nobody should be surprised. It's hilarious that people somehow think the PS4 version will look/run better however, they must have missed the disastrous performance of previous Ubisoft games.

1532d ago
suli55951532d ago

I dont know why so many people disagreed with your comment, i own an xbox and a PS4 and yeah literally every single game with 30FPS on console gets choppy at a few instances so you are right.

Bdub20001532d ago

So PC looks better than console, and both the console versions look identical. Same result, different game. Moving on.

GameNameFame1532d ago


Because framerate information is not out on this game.

We know it is 1080P vs 900P and seen graphics on both consoles to tell which will look better.

Without running fps analysis, how will you know it will be choppy?

You dont. Either way, PS4 generally provides superior console version anyways.

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prologic1533d ago

And this is a perfect example of what kind of community this website harbors. Don't you have something better to do, like play your PS4.

Aenea1533d ago

Hehe, I get what you mean, but shouldn't we all have something better to do like playing on our platform of choice instead of commenting here? :p

Erik73571532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

...all he is doing is saying what machine makes the product look better, whats wrong with that?

Silly gameAr1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Because he said PS4 looks better? It's no big deal. Your comment just makes you look like you're bitter for some reason.

Kingthrash3601532d ago

If it looked better on xbox I wonder how big a deal it would be then.
I've noticed it's either
A: it looks better on ps4 people say "so what?..I don't care about graphics, what the big deal."
Or B: looks better on xbox people say "where are all the Sony fanboys now? Developer's are starting to understand the xbox more. I smell a come back. When dx12 lands it's will show the true power of xbox.
OT I'm happy to see the ps4 version of this game, simply because I buy most of my mp games on it. I could care less if it looks better. Ps4 is my goto 3rd party games system. Just like the 360 was last gen.

exkalibur971532d ago

xbox fangirl confirmed XD you mad the ps4 is better?

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ic3fir31533d ago

nop, i play alpha on xbox one, beta on xbox one and ps4 and pc, ps4 version looks the same Xbox One.
Looks better for you because you only play on ps4 lol

MRMagoo1231532d ago

I love it when ppl lie to justify an opinion.

d_g1532d ago

Wii U looks better


twister751532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

..yea...PC always looks 1%...

Neonridr1532d ago

@billkill - lol, maybe if you have a 3 year old PC. My graphics card could do flips around the PS4 without breaking a sweat. And that is only a GTX 970. Imagine the people with 980's or 980ti's..

ChrisW1532d ago


I currently have a GTX980 Strix and I'm certain it will look extremely good, but I am super excited to see what the next GTX (1080?) cards will make a game like this look like.

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u4one1532d ago

lol... after they showed 4k pc shots that actually did look better.

forgot the ps4 is magical and defies the laws of its actual power.

ChrisW1532d ago

If a dev team can do it right, smoke and mirrors look damn awesome on the PS4.

Channel-Live1532d ago

So damn tired of the negative nancy's that troll this site. The Division is all over YouTube and every gaming website. I am impressed with what I've seen so far and that's good enough for me. This console comparison bullsh*t is getting tired and boring

Bluemaster771532d ago

Oh yea that minute resolution advantage makes a HUGE difference.

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corroios1533d ago

let wait a bit more. I hope some dont start to go overboard with how amazing the game looks and then...

Silver_ShadoWolf1533d ago

Good God! I played the Alpha, and I know that those graphics were limited due to the testing... But this... Wow. It looks way more beautiful than the XOne's Alpha. It just shows you how much they will improve in a months time. XONE may be stuck at 900p, but I assure you, once you are pulled into the game, your focus will shift from graphics to the gameplay. That's all that really matters.

I'll be playing it on PS4, simply because my friends are there.. My clan is there. But can't we agree that it's beautiful on both systems and leave it at that?

kraenk121532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I actually believe the PS4 will look better in certain's how it should be...but I'm pretty sure they guy who shot those screens simply had a good feeling for lighting and atmosphere.

dreadz741532d ago

Xb1 version was pixel counted by Beyond3D forums the game on XB1 is 1080p not 900p. The game is not released yet so how would u know if it looks better than XB1 version wait until the game is out to make judgment on how it looks . Here is proof of pixel counters an 1080p image on XB1

Sarcasm1532d ago

I was actually more of not being convinced of the gameplay. I guess I'll have to wait and see more videos.

burza19821533d ago ShowReplies(1)
Dark_Crow1532d ago

I'm sorry for ps fans but the game needs to release before any accurate portrayal of the game can be made.

dreadz741532d ago

YUP not to mention over @ Beyond3d forums they counted the pixels on XB1 version to reveal it is a native 1080p proving that the report that XB1 version looked awful was BS. This game is being developed on XB1 as the lead console I have no doubt it will look amazing when finished as the alpha already looks stunning on XB1.The game will look good on both systems time Fanboys take a vacation from the net sheesh.

Kreisen1532d ago

Then provide us with a link to the source? I dont recall there ever being an announcement of XB1 being lead platform, if anything whenever asked the devs said PC will be platform of choice for the optimal exprience.

Gamer4life131532d ago

Wrong the devs never said that Xbox one is the lead console for division. It's the PS4 that they said is the lead console for division. Heck just search division lead console and it'll tell you it's the PS4. Do your searches first before lying to people.

Kingthrash3601532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Well doesn't ms have a deal with the game anyway? I mean what else are they going to say?
At most MS has been on par with the ps4 when it comes to 3rd party games history shows games....especially high demanding games run better on ps4. I'm not saying that's the case here....ubisoft is known for its parity ways..(ie acu) like the above statement says let wait for it to come out.

sactownlawyer9161532d ago

The division wasn't developed on Xbox one. Ms just has the marketing rights like they did with the witcher3.

dreadz741532d ago

Sure @Kreisen here is the link confirming XB1 pixel count is 1080p

FamilyGuy1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

"1080" is not proof that the X1 version doesn't look awful, that's just the resolution, if they made cut-backs in other aspects to make it get there it could still look like crap. Did you personally play the alpha on X1?
I'm not saying it will look bad on X1, just pointing out that native 1080p doesn't mean anything by itself, hopefully all versions look an run great by release.

boing11532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Developers should always choose the weakest hardware as a lead platform. It's easy to make game look better on stronger HW. It's often harder to optimize.

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