I Fear For "Destiny 2"

MR BLACKMAGIK writes, "As the two year anniversary of Destiny looms over the horizon, Bungie has yet to lay out any plans for the rest of 2016. But this comes to little shock for those of us that have been following the games progression since the 2014 release. Bungie has consistently proven that they are incapable of setting, executing, and communicating their plans. With the way things have been going, I fear for “Destiny 2”."

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jhpadilla1537d ago

Fear is perfectly justified.

Even if there is a Destiny 2 this year, NOTHING guarantees that Bungie will undo their mistakes.

I love Destiny, but man, Bungie needs to clean up its act, specially whenever they communicate. All the lies and half-truths need to stop. That last one over not telling us about the switch in the matchmaking algorithms was insulting to say the least.

The end never justifies the means Bungie. We're paying customers, not guinea pigs or lab rats.

Crimzon1537d ago

They're all about the microtransactions now and after seeing how their new "events" have revolved around microtransactions, you can clearly see what direction the franchise is heading in. Anybody who has high hopes (or any hope at all really) for the future of Destiny and its sequels are going to be in for a lot of disappointment.

I mean look at The Taken King. People ranted and raved about that so-called expansion, but it removed so much content from the game that it was more of a contraction than anything. All the end-game content (two raids and PoE) went missing, as did a bunch of strikes, along with who knows how much weapons and armor along with specific events and quests. It's absurd, the game had less content after the expansion than it did beforehand. If I worked at Bungie I'd be embarrassed about how much of a mess the game ended up.

Xasthirion1536d ago

How is that different from every MMO ever? When a new expansion comes out, everyone just does the new content and completely ignores the old stuff. Do you have any idea how much time and effort it would take to update all the old content in every single MMO to make it relevant every time a new expansion came out?

And I know for a fact that if they did update the old raids/weapons, etc, you would be on here complaining that The Taken King lacked too much new content because they spent too much time and effort updating all the old stuff to make it relevant in the new expansion instead of developing new stuff. "Half of the "new expansion" is simply rehashing old content instead of developing new stuff, you suck Bungie". I can see it now. It's entitled little shits like you that will never be happy no matter what happens. The only joy you get in life is coming on the internet and complaining about everything.

Events based around microtransactions? Have you even actually played this game or do you simply just ready 5-word misleading headlines and act like you know everything? None of these events costed the player anything. Being able to buy a bunch of dances has nothing to do with being able to take part in the entire event content. All microtransactions are completely optional and in no way do the new events "revolve" around a single dance emote.

mechlord1535d ago


first, drop the personal attacks. they don't make that you re saying any wiser and you come across as salty.
You don't need to update all old content.
they could simply (and i say simply because its really that simple) beef up enemies in the old raids, make them drop 320 gear and they would be set. instead of wasting time in the sparrow racing, they should be adding a couple more hidden areas in the old raids. Valentine co op missions ? you are really ok with that?

Sevir1537d ago

People complaining about expensive year one content is what made them abandon the model and start doing timed event with micro transactions...

Something I absolutely hate! TTK was such a great step forward, they even jiggered Highmoon studios since last year to help make Content, but the bitch community complained and they listened...

Instead of meaty story driven content, now we get V-Day themed events and trial sparrow races that should have been all wrapped up in a "HOW" or "TDB" type DLC...

I wish they stayed with the first plan...

Year 1 Main game DLC 1 DLC 2
Year 2 Comet Expansion, DLC 3 DLC 4
Year 3 Main game sequel, DLC 5 DLC 6
So on and So forth.

This watered down bs we have after Such a great year is just bs

Khaotic1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Read @crimzons comment because he is right. I bought the TTK and while it was an improvement in game design that expansion removed way more content than it put back. People praise the TTK and im like WTF there are 2 raids, a horde mode, a dozen strikes that were made irrelavent. All content should scale to yours or the party leaders level so its all playable and the weapons and armor are still usable. There are mmo and rpg games that do this and i think its great.

deester1536d ago

maybe they should scrap this entire game and start over and sell it for 10.00 to make up for robbing the people that bought this pile of crap there is no story (I puked in my mouth when I read meaty story content ) the only meat they gave us is when we bought it BEND OVER

JeffGUNZ1533d ago

@ Sevir

I agree with you in the sense they should be releasing content throughout the year like they did in year 1. What also pissed me off was when they told us with the HoW that weapons could be brought up they only allowed it for year one. I grew attached to a few, like the fatebringer, VoC, Ghally, etc, yet they made them completely irrelevant with TTK. They really should have upped the Vault of Glass and other raids to match newer light levels to keep the variety and fun in the game.

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Gwiz1537d ago

I can't judge,didn't get in until TKK,but those raids seem to be dead.
There's hardly anyone in there when I start one,oh well.

ninsigma1537d ago

There's no matchmaking in raids so there won't be anyone in there if you don't set up your own team first.

Gwiz1537d ago

Serious?That's weird lol.I guess that explains it.

ninsigma1537d ago

What I really wanna see is halo 1 like missions in the campaign. Long epic levels with awesome fire fights. They've already got the gameplay down and the world and lore is set up. Just give me those epic levels and I'll be so happy!

sk8ofmnd1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

Im not a game developer nor do i know what it takes to release a game of this scope im just wondering what it would take to get bungie to make the next halo.

BossBattle1537d ago

It would take rights from MS

Khaotic1537d ago

Id rather 343 keep making halo. The mp is as good as its ever been. Along with the fact that alot of former bungie employees are now 343 employees but whatever. Bungie turned into a scummish dev

deester1536d ago

they have there hands full with this mess

captainexplosion1537d ago

I just want more matchmaking, more generous loot being dropped, and a good horde mode.

ninsigma1537d ago

Horde could work really well when you consider you have things like the Hive as enemies.

Khaotic1537d ago

It has a horde mode its call prison of elders

ninsigma1536d ago

Yeah that's true. I didn't play either of the dlc until ttk came out so I only played prison of elders once.

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