Antraxx Reminds Us of Giant Mech Gaming

Carl Williams writes, "Who remembers the good old days of gaming? No, I am not talking about the golden age which was Atari 2600 on up into the Nintendo Entertainment System era. I mean the era of 16-Bit where we got to the point where many game companies have never left (Capcom and their fighting games for instance). There was this really interesting, at least to me as a giant mech fan, game called Battletech for the Sega Genesis. You could stomp around and blow stuff up from the safety of your mech. We didn’t really get another giant mech game like that till we saw the release of the real time strategy game, MechCommander on PC. Antraxx is looking to fix this with a return to a form that I like my giant mechs – action."

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s45gr321526d ago

As long it doesn't end up like Hawken in early access limbo