There might be a new PSVita in the works with clickable analog sticks

It’s been quite some time now since we seen a new version of the PSVita and most of us thought Sony has given up on it. It seems a new patent from Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia was just published on January 18th for the PSVita. Now there isn’t anything really new about it other then clickable analog sticks like your DS3 or DS4 controllers and there’s no telling if this will make it to a production line anytime soon.

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crazychris41241537d ago

L2/R2 buttons built into it would be nice

Justwantxx1537d ago (Edited 1537d ago )

That would be good and sd cards too but you can get those L2 & R2 grips.

never4get1537d ago

SONY should make PSVITA controller attachment for XPERIA 5.

XisThatKid1535d ago

OK I love my Vita like no other and if it finds second life being a makeshift controller I'll settle for it if it gets this under rated marvel into more peoples hands. I don't know many if any that actually tried it out and didn't like the system.

NeckBone1535d ago

Had my Vita since near launch, lasted longer than any of my phones. Would gladly throw another $250 at Sony if there is some clickable sticks and L2/R2..... And cheaper memory cards

Aenea1536d ago

oh yes, please this!

I also wouldn't mind a slightly bigger screen, my eyes aren't what they used to be :)

Exari1536d ago

if they're adding clickable analogue sticks, they're definitely adding R2/L2

magiciandude1537d ago

Clickable analog sticks? Should've been on the Vita day 1...

Aloy-Boyfriend1537d ago

Maybe you should have joined the engineering team and do it

magiciandude1537d ago

Really dude? Maybe the geniuses over at Sony's engineering team should've done it. They're the ones with the positions. Sony hyped the Vita as a console quality experience on the go. How could they "forget" about console quality controls like clickable analogs and L2/R2 triggers?

ravens521536d ago

It's not magiciandudes job! He jus does magic** It def should have been there day one tho, especially planning for it to be a remote play periphial.

NeckBone1535d ago

But.... But.. it has backtouch..... :/

Summons751537d ago

That'd be interesting seeing as Sony as said they are no longer supporting Vita anymore and basically disowned it. Maybe we will start seeing games being made for it again and a big revival campaign.

Aenea1536d ago

Maybe they decided to make a newer handheld? The Vita 2?

Maybe they should call it the Sony PSP Vita 2 or something, get the PSP name in there....

Heavenly King1536d ago

I think it is because of possible PS2 games support, or remote play for those games.

Aenea1536d ago

Shouldn't the PS3 and PS4 RemotePlay be working with the PS2 classics that are already out there or are you talking about something I don't know anything about?

FullmetalRoyale1536d ago

Yeah I was playing Dark Cloud 2 via remote play. They have the l2/r2 l3/r3 mapped to the front four corners of the touchscreen, which is the way to go. Played for about four hours, and I'm really liking it!

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1536d ago

don't care til there micro/sdcard support which is probably never

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The story is too old to be commented.