Hideo Kojima’s Sony Road Trip Takes Dev to Naughty Dog, Sony Bend and Sony Santa Monica

It’s been quite the week for Hideo Kojima. On the heels of meeting with Star Wars: The Force Awakens director J.J. Abrams and visiting Sucker Punch, next on the agenda for the Metal Gear Solid creator included swinging by a number of Sony’s first-party studios.

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itsjustexuma1532d ago

Maybe once the tour is over, Hideo will realize that Kojima Productions is meant to be a Sony 1st party studio

DarkOcelet1532d ago

I have to agree. I feel like everyone at Sony admire Kojima greatly and i feel like they are treating him with the respect he earned and deserves.

The man is a legend in the gaming industry. I cant wait to see what he has in store for us.

TwoForce1532d ago

They are Brothers in Arms, my friend. And damn, Brother in Arms Hell Highway is my favorite game, i wish there was a sequel to it.

DarkOcelet1532d ago


Yeah, Brothers In Arms Hell Highway was great, maybe one day we will get it once Gearbox is done with Borderlands 3.

TwoForce1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

Brother in Arms series are make you care about these soldiers. It's not about being badass, it about the loyalty, sainity and moral.

Game4Next1531d ago

Kojima, make a demo and release it on PS4 in 2016. Thanks.

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lunatic00011532d ago

Why would you want that...wouldn't it be better for every gamer to play and experience kojimas next masterpiece... Sharing is caring right???

MasterCornholio1532d ago

Sometimes when a studio doesn't have enough money to produce multiple versions of a game their only option is some sort of exclusivity deal.

Well known cases of this.

Sunset Overdrive
Scale bound
Bayonetta 2

Sharing isn't caring if it hurts the game.

Aloy-Boyfriend1531d ago

What keeps you or anyone from Buying a PS4 to play his next masterpiece?

lunatic00011531d ago


Many things in fact maybe someone prefers to play on pc or xbox... maybe they don't want to spend money on another console...why does it bug people when games come out on other consoles so much...are people really that selfish...I understand with kojimas first game under his independent studio would be ps4 exclusive and I can't wait but once the studio is on its feet....why not make games for all platforms

lunatic00011531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

@ MasterCornholio

My mistake...maybe I should have said masterpieces...I understand that their first game should be exclusive as they need a giant publisher (in this case Sony) to help them get their game up and running as they are a new studio but what bugs me is why do Sony fans want to keep kojimas talents to themselves like they are the only gamers deserving of his games...his studio has the potential to be a really great studio with many new franchises under their belt...wouldn't it be awesome if everyone got to enjoy those games

ColonelHugh1531d ago

...why does it bug people when games come out on other consoles so much...

First-party games tend to be higher quality than multiplats, but not everybody has the requisite console, obviously.
The media coverage alone does most of the advertising needs.
History shows a stronger fanbase allegiance to an exclusive, reinforced by essentially peer pressure; the feeling of being left out.

The benefits go on, but I think the real question is 'why should all games be multiplat?'

I mean, it's the name of the game. Get people to want your console. If Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft own the rights or foot the bill, we should give them respect for their dedication, not portbeg.

Omeganex99991531d ago

Because an exclusive game can make the best use of the hardware and doesn't have to worry about lower specs machines. Take a look at The Order 1886, that game has graphics that are nowhere to be seen in any other game this generations. That wouldn't have been possible if the game was multiplatform. The same is true for the PC and the Xbox One as well.

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Relientk771532d ago

Hideo at Naughty Dog

my god, the amount of talent in one building, can the foundations even handle it

Germany71532d ago

Welcome home, Kojima and Kojima Productions.

kraenk121531d ago

Damn I would really love to know what magic he witnessed there.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1531d ago

I see big news headlines in the future regarding Hideo, Kojima Productions and Sony. The current exclusive deal is only the tip of the iceberg.

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