Our 10 Most Anticipated Shooters Of 2016

We outline the 10 shooters we are most looking forward to. Does yours make the cut?

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DirtyPete1533d ago

I am very excited for Gears of War 4!

DarkOcelet1533d ago

I am so hyped for Gears IV.

Hopefully Marcus and the crew are in the game.

donthate1533d ago

I am soooo hyped for Gears 4!

I mean I played Gears:UE and it is dang good being such an old game, and what they did with it to bring it into 2015 and not a game from 2006.

I went back and played Gears 1 (the original) on my Xbox 360, and man it visually looks great, but the mechanics have aged. Funnily, I'm surprised there are a number of people still playing it online!!! Wow!

christocolus1533d ago

Same here. And with Rod Fergurson leading the team I know its going to be amazing.

ninsigma1533d ago

Definitely gears. Game looks awesome. Hoping for more gameplay at e3!