New Paper Mario game coming to Wii U

Emily Rogers:
“The game is currently being localized and tested.”

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Metallox1532d ago

Can't honestly expect something better than Sticker Star from Intelligent Systems at this point.

LOL_WUT1531d ago

I still enjoy the original for the N64. I would definitely welcome another Paper Mario game ;)

wonderfulmonkeyman1531d ago

Paper Jam is worlds better, by most accounts, if not all.

Metallox1531d ago

Paper Jam wasn't developed by Intelligent.

Sgt_Slaughter1531d ago

Paper Jam isn't even in the same franchise as Paper Mario, it's a Mario and Luigi franchise title.

wonderfulmonkeyman1531d ago

@ Metal and Sgt

I'm aware of both of those things.
I was looking at it from the perspective of both of them being RPG-type Mario games.

hatsume-miku1531d ago

OK, Paper Jam was a bad game, but previous Paper Mario games were great.

Stealth20k1531d ago

Yeah, they only made the GOTY fire emblem game coming out next month.

Metallox1531d ago

I think the series went downhill with Awakening, and unsurprisingly they stuck with the same route with Fates.

1530d ago
Stealth20k1530d ago

36/40 is a great score, top selling FE ever in Japan.

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Moonman1531d ago

Are you kidding?? If this is true then E3 started in January! lol ;p

wonderfulmonkeyman1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Hooooooly shit.

I was JUST TALKING to someone on here about this!

Not even, like, a WEEK or two ago.
Actually, from the time of this post, literally only 4 or so days have passed.XD


"It's a shame that we won't get a proper Paper Mario game on the Wii U anytime soon."


And now this rumor is coming down the pipe.

I said it before, and I'll say it again; if there's ANYTHING Nintendo is known for, it's pulling surprises out of their hats.
Bayonetta 2 proves it, and I'm hoping this rumor is true as well, so that it can stand as yet another example.
Even a remaster of one of the other Paper Mario games would make me happy at this point, though I'd truly prefer a new game.

And I'm hoping, deep in my heart, that this could be the start of a final Wii U year that's just filled to BURSTING with a ton of really great RPG's.

That would be a great send-off to the most under-estimated and under-appreciated system of the big 3.

Moonman1531d ago

I always stayed positive about getting BOTH a new Paper Mario and Super Mario Sunshine HD on Wii U. I am keeping hope alive!

Concertoine1531d ago

Both games would look great in 1080p on Wii U. Imagine Sunshine with the shaders from WWHD *drools*

Moonman1531d ago

I can dream about it! It would look so awesome with realistic Sunshine. And make the water even better/improve some textures....the game would be paradise.

GordonKnight1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Hopefully this opens the door for a sequel to Super Mario RPG. Nintendo has renewed it's relationship with SE again. So why not?

They could at least release the original Mario RPG on the Wii U VC.

hatsume-miku1531d ago

That would be so cool, but is this just a rumor or official. And where is the next direct? They use to do one every 2 months.

marloc_x1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

An educational Mario spelling game perhaps?

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