Start Reset Nintencast - The Internet Exploded this week with NX rumors

The internet exploded with a ton of NX rumors and speculation. Michael and Jeremy sift through the details to make sense of the information coming from every direction. What are our favorite Nintendo games from 2015? Listen in as we talk about the hidden gems from last year.

Release dates for Bravely Second and a launch window for Dragon Quest VII are also discussed.

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Game4Next1529d ago

PS4 ko'd X1 too soon. Gamers wants new challenger!

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3-4-51528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

@Game4next - KO'd ?

In U.S.,the PS4 only leads by 1.3 million consoles sold.

It's still a competition.

The Arrogance of some Sony gamers is disgusting.

Elitism and the people who only use " the best" things are just disgusting people.

Nothing wrong with Sony fans, they are awesome, but the arrogant fanboys are the worst.

For the record, I like Nintendo,Microsoft & Sony, also game on Handheld, console & PC.....I'm not biased, but obviously you are.

Ever wonder why you have so few bubbles ?

OzzY-waZZy1528d ago

Yes, because only Sony has rabid fanboy gamers. Take a look at some of the Nintendo articles mate and you'll see some of the most delusional gamers on this site.

GordonKnight1528d ago


There are some delusional Nintendo fans out there for sure. IMO it's a side effect of all the hate Nintendo receives. This ends in them becoming alienated, rendering them unable to think logically.

AKR1528d ago

@OzzY-waZZy & GordonKnight

No one fanboy is better than the next. A fanboy of anything/anyone is incredibly biased, thus the display of total veneration towards said person/thing.

With that being said, whether someone is a Sony-Pony, XBot or Nintendrone; they all make their fanbases look bad, just like any other fandom (iOS vs. Android, for example)

Italiano12345671527d ago

Yeah in 1 u realize how many countries there r

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TeamLeaptrade1528d ago

I'm so excited to see what the NX is. I have high hopes Nintendo will be back in the competition, would be nice to see Nintendo compete and bring us a ton of games as usual.

Italiano12345671527d ago

If what I heard is true I believe it to be a dumb move..a hybrid with the portable to release end of this year and the nx home console to realse end of 2017...don't really care much Nintendo is an after thought...go back to making toys