100 Platinums changed my outlook on trophies

With the changing year, I have a look back on what I've done to reach 100 Platinum trophies.

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1527d ago
ThunderPulse1527d ago

I have 41 Platinums and I only do Platinums for the games I actually want to play.

OoglyBoogly1527d ago

Maybe it's because I was gaming long before trophies and achievements (I'm 29 now) but I've just never really seen the point of them? I guess replay value?

pumpactionpimp1527d ago

I'm 34 and the same way. 0 platinums. I haven't lost any sleep over getting or not getting a trophy or achievement though.

Avin19731526d ago

I'm 42, playing since Atari. Got 5 platinum ;)

Antifan1527d ago

Cool, I have ZERO platinums. That's because I play games for fun, and not for chore.

Rhezin1526d ago

exactly. Thank you for that.

Goldby1526d ago

definintly agree, that is one reason i like a few of Acvtivision/blizzards trophies for diablo, or the ones for games like Bloodborne. nothing too crazy thats way out of left field. either its trophies you get for playing the game s intended during a single play through. or its collective trophies (500 bounties got that one last night)
that will be earned over the course of just playing. on that note, 15 mor elevel for my Hardcore barbarian and im done with Diablo 3 as my 3rd platinum

cash_longfellow1526d ago

Because everybody's idea of fun is the same as yours right?

nRicosS1526d ago

I'm 28, 152 fun platinum :)

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