Hardware: Rivals Free Update Out Today, Packs a Punch

Posted by Daniel Durnin on Jan 22, 2016 // Senior Producer, SCE Connected Content Group

Bombs have been dropped, missiles launched, and railguns railed in Hardware: Rivals — the explosive, over-the-top, vehicle combat game launched earlier this month. We’re pleased to provide an update on some of the free content and features that will be coming your way today.

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Italiano12345671529d ago

Have to check it out... that was my one complaint that for a car combat game it was way to slow....hopefully the speed is much faster now

rdgneoz31529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Speed was never really a problem. The jeeps could fly (they have less durability than tanks) and same with 1 of the tanks for some reason (because tanks irl go 80 mph?). The one annoyance I've had is only being able to move your turret horizontally which can kill you when the target is slightly above your aim like on a building.

I do like that they finally listed the stats for each vehicle since before you couldn't tell sh!t besides speed.

jambola1529d ago

you didn't like that you could only turn horizontally ?
well wait until you try it now
i don't know if t's something i'm doing wrong, but i can't move it at all now

rdgneoz31529d ago

It's the control settings. I noticed they changed it to 3 different settings, with the "basic" not having turret movement and the other two (alternative and advanced I think) having it for some reason.