Why Reviewers should give 10/10s

This editorial over at gameplayer challenges media outlets to award 10/10 scores to the best of the best. Going as far to say that those who don't do a disservice to gamers and developers. The reasons given for this can be found within.

"Reviewing a game isn't about running through a checklist of points and adding up the ticked boxes at the end to define a score. It's about how much fun you had. Period. And 'fining' a game a .1 or something ridiculous because you saw pop-up once is the type of anal retardation that suggests that said reviewer has forgotten what made them a gamer to begin with – they were having fun."

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Monteblanco3714d ago

It is true that perfection will never be reached and, as such, it should not be expected in a title graded as ten. However, I still think game reviewers are too generous and most AAA games get their scores inflated through hype.

La Chance3714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

In this guys point of view overrated games dont exist then.

SlappingOysters3713d ago

I don't really understand what you're saying dude...

Mr PS33714d ago

Because there's a Sh!tload of Cash in it for them from Micro$uck

SlappingOysters3714d ago

who gives Too Human a 10, then.

monkey6023714d ago (Edited 3714d ago )

I agree with this. Its a well written point but with every passing day it seems the gaming industry is becoming more serious. Gaming has become a huge entertainment media. Lets not forget that most reviewers are paid to do their job and most are going to try do it as professionally as they can.

By the standards of this article i would give a 10/10 to COD4, Gears of War, Metal Gear Solid 4, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Resistance Fall of Man and Zelda Twilight princess. Nobody can change my opinions on these games because they had me mesmorized each for their own reasons. They are also the games of this Gen that i'd give 10. I'm not going to go into past games.

My point is a personal 10 and professional 10 are very different things. Not everyone thinks the same.

SlappingOysters3714d ago

Why do you seperate personal and professional?

Should a reviewer not be trying to tell us whether we would think it was a 10? I mean I want to buy a game because it is fun, not because it has the best draw distance ever?

I am not sure I agree with what i am saying here, just throwing it out there for debate

monkey6023713d ago

It all comes down to taste I suppose. For example I have a friend who loves the Iron Man game. Maybe he wouldnt give it a 10/10 but he's a long time fan of Iron Man itself. If he was paid to review it honestly do you want to hear what the game does right or hear him b*llsh*t on about how he can relate it to his childhood. There's always going to be seperate opinions on everything. People are going to dislike games for different reasons. It works both ways, A repectable reviewer shouldn't rate an amazing game badly just because it wasnt to his liking. When everyone else thinks its a masterpiece.

SlappingOysters3713d ago

nicely put mate and a valid point. You've swayed me to your line of thinking. Bubbles your way!

monkey6023712d ago

Favour returned my friend. I like when someone takes the time to reply rationally

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opsdaddy3713d ago (Edited 3713d ago )

Well-written article about a subject that's been bothering me lately. The only place I'd beg to differ with the author is in awarding GTA IV a 10. Let me explain. I HEAR the game was fun, for those whose systems could play it. But the fact that it wouldn't play on SO many consoles (PS3 AND 360) is unconscionable, especially for a big gaming house like Rockstar.

My PS3 froze after about 2 hours of gameplay, and no matter what I did, to include deleting the game files and reinstalling, I still couldn't keep it running. So I seek out the Support section of Rockstar's website, and all I can find is a lousy 9-step process I'm supposed to try in order to address the freezing. Needless to say, I tried the "solution," it didn't work, and I promptly returned the game to GameStop for a refund. Unbelievable!

Now I realize that game reviewers, at the time of their writing, couldn't have known that so many would have problems with the title. But they should all have published revised reviews AFTER discovering this widespread problem and the appalling way Rockstar failed to deal with the problem. It's absurd and misleading to see GTA IV sitting atop Metacritic's list with the highest game rating when it torched so many systems. No less than 35 different websites and publications gave it a PERFECT score. But NONE to date have revised their scores downward. Isn't it interesting that on the same site, gamers rated GTA IV with a 74. Quite a drop from the 98 the reviews averaged. Hmmm.

Rockstar, if you're listening, do the gaming world a favor: fire your entire quality control team, and start fresh with people who give a damn. Simply because I'm dedicated to open-world gaming, I'll give you one more try. But if you screw the pooch with your next title, I will begin a smear campaign against you like no other. Enough said.

SlappingOysters3713d ago

I don't know if sites can realistically review a game again. After they are tracked on metacritic and gamerankings and the like I think it is published and set in stone.

GTA is a technical marvel in so many respects, but in others...

Perhaps the only way a site could go about this is to do a second opinion? Or an opinion peice that does a GTA IV review in retrospect or something...

McPerson3713d ago

10 doesn't have to mean perfect. 10 means awesome. I totally agree with that

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