The 5 Star Wars Games We Want to Play After Watching The Force Awakens

From Cinelinx:

With Star Wars: The Force Awakens unleashed upon the world giving us new characters, tantalizing hints of the past, and teases of the future, there are a wealth of ideas we'd love to see explored via video games…If only we can convince the developers to make them.

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darklordzor1531d ago

I just want a new single-player RPG...that's it. I could be happy with that and that alone.

Retroman1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

After watching Force awaken who cares anymore . kylorin is a fag .

JamesBondage1531d ago

He could be bi, but i dont think hes gay.

Retroman1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

@ Jamesbondage

what i meant ...... after watching Force awaken kylo rin character was weak not like Vader solid, commanding presence . what i seen was a teenage boy with tandrums ,whining, slashing his light saber around when things don't go his way . to kill off any "goodness of the Force " Ben kills his only father ?? that is a sign of mental, emotional trama obeying the devil (Snoke) instead?? what'd??? .......... yep he is gay.
if that not gay or being a fag what is??

JamesBondage1527d ago

Not everyone has seen the movie yet, should edit your comment of any spoilers. He is a child, thats why hes acting like that, just like anakin aka darth vader did when he was that age. If he was just another darth vader, the movie would be even more like a new hope.