The PSVita in 2016

Despite the constant negativity, there is quite a bit still to come to the Vita. The Vita Lounge look at what to expect (and what they hope) for the Vita in the coming year.

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Killz4Twinkies1531d ago

Vita is far from dead as long as the community continues to support it and I Couldn't agree more with the "Things We Want to See"

NukaCola1531d ago

Oddworld Abe's Oddysee just hit Vita! Finally, it's awesome and controls better than PS4. Some slow down and you can't open other apps, but still a good game.


Note: The original PS1 classic is still the best and a 10/10.

3-4-51530d ago

Still has some good Legend of Heroes games + Dragon Quest Builders on the way.

Killz4Twinkies1530d ago

Never played Legend of Heroes games before. I've only heard great things...

Just bought FC & SC and pumped to play based on what ive heard

Pancit_Canton1531d ago

Love ma Vita.

I just wish SE/Capcom would support that thing with Dragon Warrior VII, Monster Hunter and other high profile RPG's.

Zarock1531d ago

Not sure why I would choose a vita over an Ipad since now you can stream pc games directly to an Ipad and enjoy AAA titles with a ps3 controller.

TheGamez1001531d ago

love my vita but cant deny that it is slowly dying in the west seeing even indie games being cancelled for it. Still looking forward for the many japanese games coming and hopefully for them to be localized.

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