Hideo Kojima Visits Sony's American PlayStation Headquarters During His Technology Research Trip

Hideo Kojima has been on a technology research trip in the last few days, and after landing in Bellevue to visit Sucker Punch and in Bend to pay a visit at Sony’s local studio, he went straight home to SCEA’s headquarters in San Mateo, California.

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Pancit_Canton1538d ago

It looks like Kojima is gathering intel on Mother Base. :P

Mission Accomplished!

1538d ago
Darkfist1538d ago

looks like kojima finally found outer heaven

user66660471538d ago

Still kinda sad that he will never work on MGS again. Then again he is free the create something just as awesome.

nitrogav1538d ago

I noticed a can of redbull in one of the pictures . Must be the only thing keeping him going with all this travelling !! .

PeaSFor1538d ago

jet lag, hes japanese.

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