What If The Next Fallout Was Set In London

What if the next Fallout game was set in London, could it work and what sort of characters would we have?

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-Foxtrot1531d ago

Like I've said before I think they'd get away with it more if it wasn't a main game. The main games should keep to the US but with the spin offs they can experiment.

There was the European War before the Great War so obviously things were bad before the bombs fell but even then it's said the UK was hit harder then America so it could be really run down.

This also lets them add new companies like a rival company to RobCo Industries (meaning new hacking) and General Atomics (new robots)

Then you have new divisions of Vault Tec (or maybe a blend of a rival British company with different looking vaults), Red Rocket, Nuka Cola (Iced Tea).

The list goes on. You could really have new ways of looking at Fallout and exploring the world.

Plus it would put light more of the European War which I want to know more about.

BDSE1530d ago

We don't generally drink iced tea- that's for savages.

-Foxtrot1530d ago

No but you know they are going to do the stereotypical thing if they did do London

BDSE1530d ago

We drink hot tea with milk.

Khaotic1530d ago

From what i have heard in the lore it makes it sound like Europe was leveled from the war and is non-existant. Maybe a prequel leading up to and through the war all the way til the bombs drop.

WeAreLegion1530d ago

Takes away the overall atmosphere, but sure. Go ahead.

Walter_Official1530d ago

i dont get premature articles like these

IamTylerDurden11530d ago

Fallout is 1950's Americana, it plays up the atmosphere. Fallout is not going over seas.

ColonelHugh1530d ago

Where do all the Irish and Scandinavian characters come from? Canonically Europe is so bad they are still emigrating to the U.S. as best they can.

dreamoner1530d ago

Cos Bethesda doesn't care about the lore nor logic(see also: kid in the fridge). 200 years of US wasteland and Cait, Bobrov bros etc can retain their grand-grand... parents original accents...

ColonelHugh1530d ago

Uh, Beth misses a lot, but I specifically remember Colin Moriarty in 3 briefly mentioning his immigration as a boy and having to work his way up in the world. Context implies the same for the Nordics in 3. The problem lies in the relaying of information in their games. I'll look to it in Fallout 4, but they HAVE been missing some lore-breaking things recently.

user66660471530d ago

As an Irish person myself I can't describe how much I hate finding Irish people in Fallout games. Especially when they have Lucky Charms accents.

*Eats a raw potato*

1530d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.