One PC to Rule Them All

Bidness Gaming argues why PC gaming is superior to console gaming.

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Trekster_Gamer1529d ago

You can have the most powerful PC on earth but...

There are too many awesome exclusives on consoles.....

ShinMaster1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

At first I thought this was about a pre-built PC. But then I realized it was a PC fan recycling the same argument.

Besides, there's no such thing as "one" PC.
All PS4s will run games identically. Same with Xbox Ones. Can't say the same for PCs. They come in all sorts of different specs.

FasterThanFTL11529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I started gaming on the Sega Mega Drive 2
I never cared about Nintendo consoles.
I had a PS1 for good PS1 Exclusives.
I had a PS2 for good PS2 Exclusives.
I had an Xbox for good Xbox Exclusives.
I had an Xbox 360 for good Xbox 360 Exclusives.
I had a PS3 for good PS3 Exclusives.
I have a PS4 for good PS4 Exclusives.
I don't want an Xbox One, period.
For everything else I have had a Gaming PC since 1997 and is by far my most preferred platform.

agame9141529d ago

we all have are opinions

escott0131529d ago

As a gamer of all platforms, but primarily PC, I must agree with you. I could write a lengthy list of my favorite games that consists largely of console exclusives.

_-EDMIX-_1529d ago


I disagree with the author too.

" Some might disagree with this, mostly due to a misconception that you need at least $1000 in order to build a good gaming PC. Let us be the ones to shun this misperception. With minimal research, you can build a decent gaming PC by yourself for just around $400-500"

No...annnnnnd no.

That is like saying its a misconception that consoles cost $350 or so, you could get one for around $99 (then link them to PS3, 360 and Wii).

Generation gaps exist on PC too bud.

In order to play what I would call "current gen games" you need higher specs, period.

Titles like Arkham Knight, Witcher 3, Dying Light etc have higher requirements and THAT is what someone should be seeking when building a new gaming PC or even asking about building a new gaming PC.

Consider if someone ask you, what is a good console to get that is at a low price, are you really expecting them to tell you a set of last gen consoles?

Soooooooo why point someone to a low end PC that can't even play current gen PC high end titles?

Call it what it is....current gen PC build.

Gaming PC doesn't mean 1 thing just like console is not referring to 1 thing, thus no reason to try to generalize such a thing when MOST in gaming do not mean that when regarding builds.

I don't know many who are seeking to build gaming PC's for last gen titles.

s45gr321529d ago

My 5 year old PC can still play today's games. That's on the GTX 480 and AMD PHENOM2 quad core processor. So I wholeheartedly agree with the author on this one.

uth111529d ago

Most $500 builds I look at are lacking. They don't include some crucial things like the Windows OS, keyboards, mice.

And they will use cheap components like cases that you don't want to cheap out on

Neonridr1528d ago

@uth11 - yeah but you can carry your mouse / keyboard from one build to the next. You don't HAVE to upgrade those things. Try bringing your Dual Shock 4 to the PS5 and let's see where that gets us..

There are components that can carry over. Buy a solid power supply and you don't need to upgrade that..

Really the CPU, Motherboard, Memory and GPU are the main things that you may replace in time. If you have a large enough HD, or a decent case, then you don't always have to replace those things when you upgrade.

_-EDMIX-_1528d ago

s45gr- yes that is YOUR build from 5 years ago.

That is again not the case with everyone.

As to why I stated as such "Gaming PC doesn't mean 1 thing".

My HD5770 isn't just going to carry me through this gen.

My motherboard from 2009 won't even support some of the beast GPU's that are out in terms of power.

I need a new PSU, new GPU, new motherboard, new CPU and pretty much just going to make a new build.

The Motherboard just holds so much that once its outdated, you need a new rig.

I've added new fans, I've added more hdds, more ram and its carried me a good way.

But I didn't get Witcher 3 or BF4 for PC knowing my specs would not compare to XONE's or PS4's in terms of performance.

My PC is easily a last gen PC, to move it to the current won't merely be $500 or so....

For me anyway, but seeing the specs for Oculus and the specs for upcoming and current games, its going to likely have to be around $1k or more.

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s45gr321529d ago

There's less and less awesome console exclusives nowadays. Also today's console exclusives majority of the time are either action adventure or fps. The PC exclusives are more experimental, innovative, and creative.

Masterace1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Agreed, I dont see one console exclusive this gen thats worth buying of a console.

On the other hand the PC has such awesome games:

Dota 2
Portal Series
Left 4 dead series
Total war Series
Arma Series

In total over 8000 games on Steam alone. Not to mention years and years of BC or emulation of pretty much every console ever released.

There is no way PS4 or XB1 with their limited libraries can compete, sorry i just dont see the 8 hour exclusive argument which too are very limited in number.

Lordani661529d ago

"action adventures or fps" xD bruh:

This list if pretty much all-around game genres for console exclusives.

Lennoxb631529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

"There's less and less awesome console exclusives nowadays."

That's true to a certain extent. But for every one mediocre game on console, there's a hundred mediocre games on PC.

slappy5081529d ago

" for every one mediocre game on console, there's a hundred mediocre games on PC."
The bottom line is having more games on your platform is better since everyone has different tastes. And I agree with the others, the only exclusive I want is Bloodborne, but since Dark Souls 3 is coming out soon Im not going to cry over it

agame9141529d ago

@Masterace your name says it all. I prefer my PS4 over my beast of a PC so ummmmmm yea we all have are opinions

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Vasto1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

There are way more awesome exclusives on PC.

Blade and Soul has all my attention atm and thats just 1 out of thousands.

Did I forget to say that its totally free?

TheTony3161529d ago

It's all subjective. The only PC exclusive i care about is Star Citizen.

FlameBaitGod1529d ago


Because you clearly don't know the games PC has lol, steam releases new games... EVERY... DAY.... are they AAA ? of course not but are many of them fun ? yeah and that's what I care about.

To say you only like one out of thousands is just really really really really really silly.

awi59511529d ago

There are far more games that are PC only they just dont have the massive amounts of ad money that console games have. Consoles are like Bose and beats by dre just because they advertise the most doesn't mean their the best. They are really the worse you can get and cost the most.

Dee_911528d ago

how come i just image this guy saying the headline

tee_bag2421528d ago

PC has been really good to me this generation. Unfortunately the consoles don't really have any must have system sellers yet.

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never4get1529d ago

Without Realtime Global Illumination, VXGI, 3D PC games are just barfing polygons. Does Nvidia Gameworks make Witcher 3 look better on PC, aside from more ugly polygons? no. The game Lighting is still as same as the console version. Then there's the Rise of the Tomb Raider "VXAO", PC can be more powerful why stop at VXAO and all the way to VXGI? Cryengine 3 can do it with SVOGI, others should to.

2pacalypsenow1529d ago

OMG who cares? People already know this and still game on consoles because they don't care

Lordani661529d ago

Lol yeah, "PC rules" "PC over anything" "PC this" "PC that" - I wonder - why such articles and BS statements weren't created back in the 2008 and even 2010, and prior to that. It looks like picture perfect damage control for and by PC fanboys to cover up it's todays shi**y state it's in - almost no AAA exclusives, terrible parts prices compared to back in the day, terrible games sales (unless it's being sold in the steam sale for half the price or less), horrific game ports which work like crap on the most expensive rigs, timed exclusivity for consoles for some games and I could go on. I'm no fanboy, I was raised on Amiga, PCs, and my first console was PS2 and I'm an IT engineer, I own both PS4 and mid-high end PC (need it for my work regardles of the gaming state of it) and I'd choose my PS4 any day over PC. I don't want to sound bold-worded, here are the facts:


(use translate option in the menu on the right, choose "angielski")
And here's exclusive games list:

yeah, this PC platform really looks like it's leading xD.

harypotr1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

PC exclusives so far in 2016 based on metacritic and metascore:
Dragons Dogma: Dark Arisen(81)
Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak(81)
Darkest Dungeon(86)
Pony Island(89)

PS4 and Xbox One: NOTHING.

PC has already started the year strong. And XCOM 2 is coming out soon also. Also The Witness, Street Fighter V and Rise of the Tomb Raider = All coming out soon on PC. Tomb Raider not on PS4 before long. Witness and SFV not on Xbox One. PC gamers have so much to play, they don't have the time.

Lordani661529d ago

Bruh... Dragon's Dogma is the only good game out of those, and it came out in 2013 for consoles xD. The rest are some mediocre low budget indy games created by nerdy teenagers in Unity xD. I'm talking AA and AAA here. Here is what is the true pwoer of bi budget games. Where are such games on PC? Only multiplatbones that they get from consoles. "PONY island"? Really? That's all PC got? Nice mustard race of bronies :D. Nice try.

slappy5081529d ago

Homeworld is actually a big series-your replies in general hardly screams "I am an IT engineer"

Lordani661529d ago

>big game
>made in unity

Choose one bro.
How big was the budget of this game so that you call it "big"?

harypotr1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Dragons Dogma came out for consoles in 2012. With black bars, unstable 10-30 fps, no options to disable annoying things like pawn chatter, much worse textures and no controller options. It is an entirely new experience on PC with SweetFx mod and 60+FPS gameplay with no dips below 60.

Mediocre indie games? You totally ignored the metascore then? 86 metascore = mediocre, you can't be taken seriously. Indie games or not, it is still a very good game. And it is better to have indie games than have no games at all. PS4 and Xbox one literally has no exclusives yet in 2016, and wont have for a long time. XCOM 2 as i said big budget game coming out soon. When is the big PS4 and Xbox one exclusive coming out? STFU you fanboy and face the facts.

You console fanboys say Halo and Uncharted collection/remaster are exclusives, why can't Dragons Dogma be considered then?

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slappy5081529d ago

"horrific game ports" you must have missed the part where Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 came out- cant even hold a measly 30 frames per second on consoles. Even Arkham Knight, considered by many to be one of the worst ports could run at 60 fps for me, by the graphics card brute force.And Pc has plenty of exlusives, Civilisation series Warhammer, XCOM 2, you just dont want to see it

Lordani661529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

"you just dont want to see it"

xD Typical PC pleb crying and changing of the real facts. W3 works very good on PS4 now, not sure about Fallout 4 (which looks like crap compated to for ex. GTA V which works perfectly). Oh well two games that were poorly optimized, let's look at the list of terribly working PC games just from 2015:

GTA 5 having drops as low as 23 fps on GTX 980 xD and other problems like bugs that were nowhere to be seen on even PS3 adn X360.

Project Cars working like sheyt (and looking like that) on AMD cards, while Driveclub eats this game and works perfectly.

Witcher 3 played on a computer of the price of PS4 at the lowest settings and onl 14 fps xD.

Arkham Knight - not even gonna comment this one.

Black Ops 3 - i7, 980ti i 16GB RAM - and drops to 0 fps like crazy, while looking like it's PS4 counterpart.


AC: Syndicate - poor performance on a game that is a AC Unity downgrade brother on a 980ti. Nice job there.

And other games that have or had biiig problems that are MKX, DOA, F1 2015, and that's just the year 2015. But you pc mustard pleb will cry me a river how much terrible console games work xD.

Edit: You can down vote this comment all you want :D. This will prove to me how many butthurt pc pleb people read my comment and got butt hurt :D.

slappy5081529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Lol Driveclub didnt work "perfectly" it had launch issues. At least they managed to fix Witcher.. after how long? I was able to play at 60 frames day one without any patches, same with Fallout.
Uhm AC Syndicate user rating is Positive on steam vs Unity's negative. So I dont see how that is a downgrade from Unity? And im not sure why you are comparing Witcher 3's performance to rig that is built at a same price as consoles. Get real, PC gamers that are into AAA games are not going to build rigs at console prices, then you might as well go for consoles, that is if you can bear the higher prices of games and having to play online :p

The only title I agree with is Mortal Kombat, but that is purely on the developer not PC as a platform. As a seller you just dont turn your back and pull support from your users that's a straight up dick move.

Lordani661529d ago

"Lol Driveclub didnt work "perfectly" it had launch issues."
Proofs, links or GTFO. If by launch issues you mean it didn't have a ton of current version features, because it's one of the best supported after-release games, then yes. No wonder. If you mean fps problems then GTFO. Online problems for maybe 2 weeks (which is common nowadays, also on PC so STFU). Other than that it was a great game since day 1 and now it's close to perfection.

"Uhm AC Syndicate user rating is Positive on steam vs Unity's negative. So I dont see how that is a downgrade from Unity?"
Oh so now STEAM RATING is the determinant if a game is a downgrade or not? xD If you see this and tell me there was no downgrade from Unity to Syndicate, you must see your doctor:

And if you tell me "this is a console downgrade" then let me burst out laughing at you and inform you, that Unity had terrible drops on PC, due to terrible optimisation of the CPU oriented assets. Mostly due to big amounts of people in towns, and every one of them worked with it's own AI process. On PC you needed a 8 core or at least 4 core, 8 threaded CPU, which by looking at steam charts only a few percent of people have (8 cores are only 0,12% of PC players on steam xD, talk about master race, 4 cores are not common too, mostly 2 cores).

"Get real, PC gamers that are into AAA games are not going to build rigs at console prices"
Yeah? That's why PC gaming is only pretty much alive in the indie and low budget games?

Or maybe that's indicated but the fact that only 36% of PC players play at 1080p or above? :D (34% on 1080p) Yep, those high end pcs are so common in PC gaming. That's what is pissing me off - whenever arguments go around, pc pleb always try to justify their platform and generalise, as if EVERY PC was a beast with 16 cores, 32GB of RAM and TITAN Z in 4x SLI. Most of you sit on cheap ass writing machines, which even game developers say it is the truth:

"Most PC players do not realize that lots of PC players has below specs and power the XB1 and PS4 has. PC is a niche market. Would it be awesome to max out this crazy tech in PC's? Yes. But are developers gonna do it? NO. Consoles drive the industry forward more than most people think. Why do you think just now developers are revealing new graphics engines? It is because of the new consoles."
~Lead Engine Programmer Krzysztof Narkowicz of Flying Wild Hog

"The only title I agree with is Mortal Kombat"
LOL total damage control in the meaning of "damn, he is right, but his argument is too real, I better say that I agree with 1% of his stattement to make myself not look like a total fanboy and I will cover it with a funny little argument, maybe he won't notice how short sighted I am trying to be".

slappy5081529d ago

Unity had terrible drops on consoles too, what makes it worse is that it drops even when its supposed to run at 60. And yes Steam reviews are a good indicator of a game's overall quality THATS WHY GAMES THAT LIKE MORTAL KOMBAT AND ARKHAM KNIGHT GOT NEGATIVE USER REVIEWS!!. I would rather trust user reviews than paid for reviews. Now if you could actually write something meaningful instead of writing fluff that would be great, but judging by every single one of your posts that seems beyong your means

slappy5081529d ago

"Edit: You can down vote this comment all you want :D. This will prove to me how many butthurt pc pleb people read my comment and got butt hurt :D."

Actually it just proves how much of a twit you are, considering this website is predominatly made up of ps4 fanboys

Lordani661529d ago

"Unity had terrible drops on consoles too"

Never said it didn't, I said that the new one was a downgraded version of Unity because it worked like crap on ANYTHING, you totally forget the point of this argument.

"And yes Steam reviews are a good indicator of a game's overall quality"

It only is a indicator of what peopel think of a game. Previously you said it indicates taht game is not a downgrade, which is BS statement. Of course a game can be a downgraded version of previous one and be a great game, never said otherwise. Again, you forgot the point of this convo.

"Now if you could actually write something meaningful instead of writing fluff that would be great, but judging by every single one of your posts that seems beyong your means"

Now if you could finally admit that I spit in your face and stop pretending it's raining :D. My comments were all provided with proofs, links, etc. Yours are just fanboy opinions and not agreeing with real facts.

"Actually it just proves how much of a twit you are, considering this website is predominatly made up of ps4 fanboys"

Again - I spit in your face, you tell me it's raining. I have 100% proven all my statements here, you didn't even read the blog (clearly, no way you did it so freaking quick). No wonder, probably every single fact from this blog causes massive butthurtness in you, especially with the fact that everything there is verified with links, videos, proofs, etc. Another day, another PC pleb guy left butthurt. "i can't believe, today was a good day" xD

guyman1529d ago

Lordani congratulations on posting "facts". If by facts you mean nitpicked copy and pastes from google which it clearly looks like you have been doing, then you can have a gold star.
Your BS is not going to change the fact that 90%+ of multiplatform games run better on pc.

awi59511529d ago

Very few mmo's come to console, the many space adventure games comming out in the next year for pc, The huge amount of survival and horror games on pc. Killing floor 2 is fun as crap its better than left 4 dead 2. Life is strange won several rewards last year its pc exclusive. There are really too many pc games i cant buy them all and i dont try.

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Lon3wolf1529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

Very selective facts you have provided, and as for worse prices now than back in the day, £100 per MB of RAM ring any bells and prices on most parts falling steadily since the 90's.

The data confirms it: there is a very strong exponential correlation in space/cost ratio (r=0.9916). Over the last 30 years, space per unit cost has doubled roughly every 14 months (increasing by an order of magnitude every 48 months). The regression equation is given by:

Nice try though, I'll give you that.

Lordani661529d ago

Beautiful quote you got there, found on google in 5 seconds, that has no sense whatsoever in this conversation xD.

Nice try though.

Lon3wolf1529d ago

Again selective reading of comments:

1) "£100 per MB of RAM ring any bells and prices on most parts falling steadily since the 90's." Ram Not HDD space

2) the quote was about falling prices on HDD space which did take 5 seconds to find, 5 seconds to debunk your prices are worse than ever for parts rubbish XD

Surprised an IT engineer has trouble grasping this basic difference.

Lordani661529d ago

Oh wow, RAM costs less than it used to by few percent. How cheap PC gaming is. Too bad GPUS that shared the same performance shelves in 2007 and 2015 cost almost 2x (and high end ones cost 2,5x than they used to, because since then the game sales went downhill as f***, so gaming community has to make some cash on something). I'd rather pay more for a game and give those money to developers than for another GPU every year. Not sure about CPUs, but intel ones definately rose in the price department, since they are doing so much better than AMD and can make their prices higher. But you chose the cheapest computer part and made it a definite significance. Lol. PC master race logic.

guyman1529d ago

"I'd rather pay more for a game and give those money to developers "
Sorry to break it to you pal, the reason console games are more expensive is because the console manufactures take a cut from software sales too. Just like they milk you off other aspects, such as paying to play online

uth111529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

I think you nailed it. I started PC gaming in the PC heyday of the 90s and early 2000s, I can't even remember any "PC master race" BS, or PC fan boys in general. Back then it was PC vs MAC, but even then PC was dominating everything there wasn't much of a debate or many PC defenders.

For PC vs console, they played an almost entirely different set of games. Zelda gamer? Console. Sim City? PC. Etc.

Now consoles have grown up. They have large amounts of storage and can play games that used to only be in the PC realm. The difference in graphics is much less obvious than it used to be.

Lots of people (like me) are finding the consoles to be more attractive for these games (fewer headaches vs PC). So PC gamers now feel defensive when they didn't used to feel threatened by anything console.

s45gr321529d ago

Actually consoles have gotten worse. Back in the PS One/2 era it was just hook to tv and play the game. Now a console gamer must create an account download updates/patches sign EULA, License agreements, etc. Pay to play online along with this crap :

DLC instead of free unlockables
Map Packs instead of map editors
Microtransanctions instead of cheat codes

Lucky, alternate endings still exist plus lots of indie games offer alternate paths/hidden passages.

PC :

Cheaper games
All videogame genres available
Map editors

More experimental, innovative, creative exclusives

Free online gaming
Full backwards compability

The list goes on

Lon3wolf1529d ago

Wow such originality PC Master Race. I game on all formats (see my comments elsewhere saying this same thing), lol I enjoy both my consoles (XBone,PS4 and Wii-U) and PC equally, nice try again. You seem to hate people enjoying gaming on PC for some reason, are you compensating for something?

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Lennoxb631529d ago

PC is superior in power and nothing else. If you want the best experience visually, you get a PC.

COnvenience: You don't need any technical savvy to hook up and play a console. When building a PC you do.

Price: Double the price of a PS4 or X1 just to get on par in performance with the consoles ($700). Although the game prices are better on PC.

Lon3wolf1529d ago

Building PC's now is so much easier than they originally were, yes you still need to be a little savvy but plenty of decent guides around to get people through it. I game on all platforms (not hand helds) and enjoy all equally. MY PC has lasted me through last gen and I updated the GPU for £280 and it will see me through this gen so cost wise it has been about the same as buying to gens worth of console (at release prices) for me.

Lennoxb631529d ago

It may be easier than before, but still not that much easier for the average. Go and ask anybody on the street what RAM is or what a driver is in a PC. 9 times out of 10 you're going to get confused looks.

You upgrading your GPU from last gen has no relevance, because lots of people don't even know that they CAN upgrade their GPU. Let alone know what G-P-U stands for.

Bdub20001529d ago


You were so close to such a great comment! You hit on some great points!

PC is superior in power. "Nothing else"... Not so much, give credit where credit is do. It offers tremendous exclusives as well, and is UPGRADEABLE. The UPGRADEABLE part really entices me, because my PC can always be extremely powerful with minimal cost.

"Double the price of PS4", I'll give you that, IF you are talking about building a PC from scratch. But for most PC gamers, that is simply not true, because we only need to upgrade the GPU usually. Which, for the same price as a console, say $400 to $500 GPU, is significantly more powerful than the comparably priced console.

That being said, it is my opinion that I really like the console community a lot more. And I really sometimes just love the plug and playability of console. My PC is beast mode on steroids, but sometimes I just wanna kick back and drop a disc in my X1.

In summary, F*** the PC "master race" mentality, AND console elitist attitudes. Both have great advantages, so play where you'll have be most fun!

Lennoxb631529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )

When I said "power," I meant the upgradeability of PC as well. That's one reason why its superior in power.

Saying that you can upgrade your GPU for the same price as a console isn't a great argument.

Like I said before. The average consumer doesn't even know you can upgrade a GPU in a PC. They'd end up buying a whole new PC. Hell, a lot of them don't even know GPUs exist.

Bdub20001529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


The price of the GPU vs. console is a great argument, there's no argument against it. You're halfway correct, The average PC "owner" does not know about a GPU, and they have an off the shelf PC that doesn't have a GPU, or know what one is. Most likely, their MOBO isn't even capable of accepting a GPU for most consumer friendly PC's. But this isn't what we are talking about. We are talking about purpose built gaming PC's and that type of gamer.

The average PC "gamer", which is what we are talking about, absolutely knows what their GPU is and how to upgrade it without buying a new PC.

So, case in point, $400 GPU upgrade blows away $400 console.

Lennoxb631528d ago

"No one is talking about the average consumer. We are talking about PC gamers and gaming PC's."

Well, the article isn't talking about PC gamers either really. As the article states, "Here is why we believe PC gaming is superior to console gaming." Its talking about how the PC platform is the best platform. And that's true to a certain extent.

I was saying that if the average consumer can't get into it, it will never be as popular as console. Both in price and convenience PC is at a disadvantage.

Allsystemgamer1529d ago

You forgot quite a few things there bud. PC does have its exclusives and they're highly rated.

You can use any peripherals you want. Controller? 360/ps4/xbone etc any headset you want any mouse any keyboard.

It has universal backwards compatibility without crying about how Sony won't do it or praise ms for it or what ever.

Building a PC isn't very hard. You can also pay someone to do it or ask a friend who does. Oh but that's money! Yea well consider it a one time trade off fee vs paying yearly for online. But anyone can figure out how to put a PC together. "Who knows what ram is"? Well if you don't then you will when you look at the box clearly labeled RAM

Got mad max on steam a few weeks ago for $20. It was on sale on psn as well. For $40. Steam has better sales.

Double ps4 price ONLY if building from scratch. In most cases you're just upgrading the graphics card which costs the same as a console.

I know this and I mostly play on my ps4. You console fanboys always grip at straws.

awi59511529d ago

LOL there are like 200 videos on youtube tech sites that have built pc's that can run 60 fps at 1080p for 400 dollars. Just look at the potato masher build on youtube it beats the ps4 hands down and its a 4 year old build.

Lennoxb631529d ago

Doesn't mean the average consumer who's knowledge of PCs go as far as web browsing, is going to know what they're talking about. The demographic I'm talking about don't even know that you can upgrade a GPU. Or even know what a GPU is.

Bdub20001529d ago (Edited 1529d ago )


No one is talking about the average consumer. We are talking about PC gamers and gaming PC's. The average consumer demographic has nothing to do with his discussion.

The "average consumer" also doesn't care about consoles or which one generally has a few more FPS than the other, much less do they even know what FPS stands for. Or what the 120Hz tv they have means. Most consumers don't even realize what a "console exclusive" is.

tee_bag2421528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )

A $700 PC blows the doors off a console and then some. No comparison. Plus online is free so it's still cheaper over it's lifetime - I love how you conveniently forgot that in you expert* analysis.

But you're going to tell me you don't need to play online and that doesn't count, right? How sad.

Lennoxb631528d ago

Um no. A $700 PC in no way blows the doors off a console. The PC would be slightly better though. You're going to get 1080p 30-60fps on most games. With graphics settings at about medium. A $700 PC is not a beast of a PC like you're trying to say.

I know PCs are cheaper over its lifetime. But you're not going to get most people to pay double for slightly better performance in games.

tee_bag2421528d ago

Ahh yeah..

Here's a $600 build that spanks the consoles.. spanks them hard.

60fps + , Max settings, 1080p +

A doubling of the average console frame rate is what I call..."blowing the doors off".. wouldn't you?

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