Mastiff Brings Hunting Action to Wii with Deer Drive

Hunting simulation meets arcade pacing, wrapped in the greatest cover art ever. writes: Hunting games are an odd genre -- it's hard to explain why you should bother playing a videogame where you shoot cute, defenseless animals, when nearly every other game in existence already let's you shoot people (the most dangerous game of all). But Mastiff isn't shying away from jumping into the genre, as they've teamed up with developer SCS Software and Kouyousha to bring Deer Drive to the Wii this fall.

But Deer Drive, at least, isn't your typical hunting game -- first released on the PC (pictured above), it combines all the, um, excitement of a hunting simulation with the fast paced, pick-up-and-play style of an arcade shooter. "Deer Drive is an entirely different animal when it comes to hunting games," said Mastiff head Bill Swartz. "Most hunting games are slow moving simulations with frustrating controls. Deer Drive is all about shooting, all about pick-up-and-play fun and being a more accurate marksman and better hunter than your friends."

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wiizy3714d ago

the more games the better.. thats what i always say.

Odiah3714d ago

I wish ma stiff could do that aswell.