Fans Launch #VoteVita Campaign To Bring Adventures of Mana And Other Games To Vita

PlayStation Vita might have not received much support from Sony and other third party developers but it has an active community of passionate fans that are still supporting the hardware after all these years.

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KimikoGaming1528d ago

Pretty pissed about it not coming to Vita. I love my vita and was really excited for this game. I don't give a damn about mobile gaming. The only mobile game I plan on ever playing for more than 15 minutes is Pokemon Go

never4get1528d ago

It's weird that 3 year old PSVITA is not easy for developers to make games for both for Mobile and PSVita.

KimikoGaming1528d ago

It is easy to develop games for. They just choose not to.

addictedtochaos1528d ago

Only really interested in these if they would be getting a retail release. Don't particularly like digital.

KimikoGaming1528d ago

If Adventures of Mana comes out physically: Definitely getting
If it comes out for vita digital only: Will probably wait for it to be 50% off
If it only comes out for smartphones: Never getting it

Ferrethat221528d ago

I only want Wasteland 2 on PSVita. I wanna play it but i can't sit down and play it on console. Don't feel right

Junebug1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Is this an unofficial petition ebegging to get games on the ps vita when it is Sony's problem? Sounds very anti consumer to me... :/