Versus - PlayStation 4 AAA Games vs. Indies

PlayStation LifeStyle take a look at the upcoming AAA PlayStation 4 games and indie games coming in 2016, and even pit them against each other.

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AudioEppa1528d ago (Edited 1528d ago )


But there's some good indies too. Like Firewatch and Hellblade based off that video, but I know there's others that I'm interested in. I hope people don't get upset because the videos verdict does not match their personal opinion.

At the of the day it's all just an opinion

That's all it is


never4get1527d ago

Lacking of Japanese indies on PS4 is worrisome. Was there any in the past 2 years? Shuhei Yoshida!!!

Apocalypse Shadow1528d ago

There's no need for a VS at all.the **WINNER** is the GAMERS.You like AAA?,you got it. You like indie? You got it.You get the best of both on PS4.

But let's understand something...

AAA titles take a longer time to make over any previous generation.More money,more man power,more time.You wait because gamer's expectations are high on frame rate,resolution,content,etc.Yo u want better games,then you have to wait.

Which is why indie games exist.Shorter development times,more original,creative content,less financial risk but high reward if it's a hit for the developer and gamer.

Which leads to remakes and remasters.Some have never played those games.To assume everyone did is a fallacy. Some may want a cleaner,higher quality version of a game they liked.No one can judge that because you're not required to buy it.It also gives companies more revenue to use on those risky,expensive AAA titles gamers are craving.And gives developers unfamiliar with development a way to learn new hardware.

I disagree with the video results because **Everybody wins**. They all compliment each other.

DigitalRaptor1527d ago

Does it really have to be this complicated?

I'm looking forward to some indie games more than some AAA games.

I'm looking forward to some AAA games more than some indie games.

And some indie games are so ambitious that the lines are kinda blurry.