ARK Survival Evolved Dev Comments On Optimization For Xbox One, DX12 Support, Early Access PS4, More

ARK Survival Evolved is a technical mess on Xbox One but this is not surprising to see since the game has been clearly marked as an early access release and it is still in "pre-alpha" stage of development. The developers are planning to release the final version of the game this year and according to them, the optimization won't happen until last 3 months of development.

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SlavisH21532d ago

Sounds like they will update pc and xbox to dx12

SlavisH21532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

lol I guess the disagrees.... can't read, wft

" We will be releasing DX12 as soon as it's ready inside of UE4 and across all hardware targets"

Elit3Nick1532d ago

you get that a lot here...

Septic1531d ago

Don't mind the haters...

Bdub20001531d ago

LOL @ the disagrees. Those are all the PS4 guys over here, because "DX12" was mentioned.

IamTylerDurden11531d ago

I've heard that it runs at 612p and about 20fps on xb1 atm. This is what i've heard from gamers, sounds like they need to do something with it.

FattyBoy3D1531d ago

the game is in Pre Alpha according to the dev so expect much more optimization before launch in 6+ months

d_g1531d ago

Even the Pc version runs bad (not bad as X1), i really hope there will be big improvements

YinYangGaming1532d ago

People need to reserve their judgement until.the game officially launches. DF really outdid themselves this time

garrettbobbyferguson1531d ago

If you charge for your product before you release it, it deserves all the judgement it gets.

thisgamer5031531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

If you are part of an early access program and expect polished and finished games then you deserve to be judged poorly.

Khaotic1532d ago

I always understood prealpha. Early access is something pc has gotten for some time and probably understand what that entails. Console gamers are like whats up with these issues man your games is broken. I have it installed but have not played it yet. I can tell you the people i know say its super fun and makes up for how it runs. If they can get it to a stable 30 fps i can guarantee people will flock to this

Dinkis1532d ago

Ppl have already flocked to it tho. So when the game is running optimaly it will get even more ppl

IamTylerDurden11531d ago

Even if they can get it to run at 30fps it's only 612p. Yes, 612p. ARK is a game that they tried to force onto the xb1, the way it runs is an embarrassment imo. Maybe dx12 will help, but currently 612p @ 15-20fps is a joke. Maybe not every game is meant to be on console?

I'm assuming it'll run better on PS4, it has to. ARK is supposed to be coming to PSVR as well, so they better figure it out.

FattyBoy3D1531d ago

PRE ALPHA. Did u read the article?

Khaotic1531d ago

Better as in 720p and 20 fps

u4one1532d ago

how about people judge the game when its actually done and shipped. if the performance doesn't meet your standards at that point, then fair game. people are complaining about performance when it hasn't even been optimized - the part to increase performance. its like complaining to the cook that your steak is too rare before they put it on the grill.

dealing with the ignorance of the general public and the processes involved must be teeth grind inducing experience for devs.

SUCKxITxEZ1532d ago

I'd say it's more like getting a taste of someone's soup or chili before they even put all the ingrediants in, and telling them it sucks.

IamTylerDurden11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

But if the chef was advertising the soup and asking for your $ it shouldn't be inedible. Maybe the chef should just finish the damn soup and then sell it instead of selling half baked products.

I could understand if it just needed a garnishment or two, but it's no excuse to serve slop.

garrettbobbyferguson1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I'll repeat what I said above, if you release your product for sale before it is released, you deserve all the damn negative criticism and judgement you get. Stop defending early access.


More like putting your soup for sale while you're still making the broth and telling people to test it. Then getting upset when they tell you it sucks ass. When are we going to realize food analogies are stupid?

FattyBoy3D1531d ago

That's the whole idea of the early access program. U buy the game in a pre alpha state suggest improvements to the devs and when the game is finished u already have it. U don't have to pay for it again.
No one is getting blindsided by the program. U go into it knowing full well what u r getting

SUCKxITxEZ1531d ago

But why would you buy a game when they tell you it isn't finished without watching the thousands of streams or videos on the internet? If you are at all upset with the state of the game, you clearly failed to research the product you invested in. And us I suppose there where some holes in my analogy but my point still stands, the game has early access warnings all over the steam page and their own website, so if you decided not to watch any videos of an unfinished game, that's your fault. A lot of publishers, even the decent ones like Bethesda, sell you betas with pre-order deals.

IamTylerDurden11531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )


You're wrong, when developers are actually charging $ for a launched product it should have some minimum standard of quality. Nowadays mmos are never fully finished, when u bring a product to market and you're getting rich off said product, it shouldn't be a damn trainwreck.

The_Eternal_one1532d ago

Where is the early access location on the xb1?

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