Why Vista needs 4GB of RAM

2GB of RAM is not enough for smooth Windows Vista performance. Here's why.

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predator3717d ago

I don't care as I have 4GB of RAM in my beast anyway

n4gzz3716d ago

I have 3 gb on my dell 1330. It is enough for my laptop 'coz i don't do gaming on pc anymore. I was gonna install xp but it will void my warranty. I still get alot of error message compared to my desktop which has xp.

Fishy Fingers3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )

"Needs" is not correct. Vista basic or even premium can be enjoyed with 2GB of half decent RAM. Of course upping your RAM will improve the over all experience, especially when using demanding programs or games, but not everyone needs this.

4GB is wise, but for the most part, not "needed". But at the current prices, you might as well chuck in those extra sticks.

MikeGdaGod3717d ago

it's funny I was just talking about this yesterday. I really think 4gb is the way to go if you have to deal with vista. I'm thinking of getting a Mac soon and skipping the whole vista crap.

f7897903717d ago

Dont buy a mac. Apple is as evil as Microsoft. Just wait. You'll see.

SafeRat3717d ago

Still hanging on to my good'ol Windows 98 Pentium III :P

Ice2ms3716d ago

Ur joking right pentium III

pointystick3717d ago

4Gig is overkill and im running Vista. With the price of RAM these days its a wonder anyone is running less than 2Gig.

centrum2k3717d ago

ram are cheap these days, there are a few games that would eat your ram's memory alive. i have 2gb of ram and i have to close a lot of programs to run games like supreme commander. and no 4gb of ram is not overkill for any OS if you are a power users especially if you are using vista and 64bit.