Why Now is a Great Time for Superhero MMO Players

If a comic book-themed show or movie cropped up back then, it was normally played for laughs and not taken seriously. The thought of even a hundred million dollar budget would have gotten you laughed out of Hollywood, but how the worm has turned since then. We live in a golden age of superhero goodness, and this goodness carries over to the virtual world of online games. MMO-Play discuss why now is a great time for superhero mmo players.

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The_Truth_24_71535d ago (Edited 1535d ago )

Valiance Online looks promising. Definitely what a City of Heroes successor should look like. Combat looks slow though, which was one of my gripes with CoH. Needs to be one consoles.

City of Titans looks really, really rough. Sure it's still in pre-pre-alpha but damn it's not looking good. The combat looks blah and the superspeed is lazy.

Played heck out of DC Universe Online and had a great time but recently the devs have been making very bad/stupid decisions and have put me and many other veterans off of the game. They even said that they don't care for most of the players. One thing they did right was bringing it to the consoles. Most likely the only reason why the game is still around.

Just started Marvel Heroes so no opinion on that yet but it is fun playing as an iconic character. Not a fan of the top down view.