Planet Nomads is a Sci-Fi Survival Game Unlike Any Other

Serena Nelson writes: "Stranded on an alien planet with little in the way to survive but your wits and materials found around you can you make it off the miserable rock or will you be forced to go native...or worse? That's more or less the basic premise behind the interesting looking first person survival game Planet Nomads. That alone doesn't inspire a whole lot of "must buy" confidence but it's what's promised that makes the difference. And it's a universe worth exploring just by looking at the pitch."

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garyanderson1534d ago

This looks pretty amazing. Hope it lives up to its potential!

3-4-51533d ago

Some of those levels/maps/areas are just TOO close to No Man's Sky....a game that hasn't even released yet.

I can see something being similar, but even the exact colors and designs for trees and grass are nearly identical.

Who do they think they are kidding ?

Not that NMS owns that art style, but c'mon.....have some integrity at least to try and create your own style.

OoglyBoogly1534d ago

Sooo...No Man's Sky. I mean, they even look a like, come on now...

mogwaii1534d ago

Im not the only one who thinks this looks like no mans sky, there will always be people out there to rip someone elses original idea.

smolinsk1534d ago

Silly silly,this is No Mans Sky??? what the F...?? how can thy get away with that?

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