Abandoning Mortal Kombat X on PC is another blow to WB Games’ reputation

Ending support for Mortal Kombat X is another major dip in WB Games’ roller-coaster PC track record, writes PC Invasion's Peter Parrish.

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slate911527d ago

Im not one to blindly bash publishers/developers, but this decision is pretty remarkable...

trywizardo1527d ago ShowReplies(1)
SteamPowered1527d ago

WB already had me raging with the Batman:AK fiasco. Looks like it was just a sign of the things to come.
Is it so damn hard to treat PC with the respect that consoles get?

LgbtWarrior1527d ago

Pc people just get the console versions. Developers of console games don't really want to bother with pc ports. Waste of time. They do it to just shut you up.

Allsystemgamer1527d ago

Uh you're wrong on every aspect. Mortal kombat has also been on PC for a very long time. Sounds like you're too young to know that.

Paytaa1527d ago

So I guess The Witcher 3 came to consoles to shut us up? Waste of time too? Get out of here.

1527d ago Replies(1)
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