The Division PC Graphics Not Close To E3 2013 Reveal, Still Good Enough - Report

"Hardcore PC guys" working on the PC version.

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corroios1534d ago

Its ubisoft what would you expect??? Nothing new...

Septic1534d ago

Man the whole soaking up a hundred bullets before killing human enemies is just weird. Its not a fantasy game and really kills the immersion.

Before it was supposed to be like an open world, proper post apocalyptic etc where getting bottles of water itself was good.

Now its full on RPG in a real world.

Visuals have taken a hit too and the style of the game kills the immersion of it.

I'll reserve judgement for the final product but this game had a chance to be something truly unique but it sticks to the RPG aspects so rigidly.

Aloy-Boyfriend1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

For a scifi game like Destiny, bullet sponge enemies make sense because they have armor and shit, but humans taking dozens of bullets and still taking until the health bar depletes? Like I said, I will wait a month to buy this. It seems this game has gone thru a lot of changes since the E3 reveal. I loves the Survival stuff they talked about like fi nding bullets and resources to survive.

ninsigma1533d ago

I understand the bullet sponge enemies being like that because it's an rpg but it does look off and considering the game is all about taking on these enemies then I can see it becoming a drag.

WellyUK1533d ago

Yep it was shown as as survival game with rpg elements but its turned into a full on RPG which kind of sucks, atleast it still has the sort of perma death in the dark zones. The dark zones will be the best part of the game as there is some form of risk and reward for doing it which will be more interesting than the bullet sponge SP enemies. To me they whimpered out of making something different and just went safe by making it a co-op rpg rather than a fully open world where pvp can happen any where and you can see people every where.

Septic1533d ago

Precisely. And yeah the dark zones are the main thing that interest me.

A develop really needs to take a risk out there and make a proper survival game like we imagined. If its decent it will sell well.

WellyUK1533d ago

It's a risk worth taking though as there is no AAA survival game out that can pull the dayz mod audience etc. Especially considering the Standalone kind of fell flat on its face. The survival genre is viable as it still hasn't touched the console audience and we all know how much people want dayz on consoles. The Division could of been that.

--Onilink--1533d ago

to be honest, they did insist several times that the Division was an RPG more than anything, but yeah, the enemies do seem to be soaking up quite a lot of damage.

In the alpha (lower levels though) it wasnt the case, certainly still RPGish, but not that much.

Then again, thats the whole point of alphas and betas, react to fan feedback and make the necessary changes

kraenk121533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

So you think you would be fine if you died from one bullet either?! In the dark zone I mean.

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trywizardo1534d ago

and expect a broken game with lousy servers at launch , and it might keep it that way until two or three months later xD

cartoonx11533d ago

did u read the article? it clearly indicate that graphics are very good and pc version looking very nice. not sure where u get the idea abt broken game.

WellyUK1533d ago

its the typical comment for a Ubisoft game despite their last 2 games being good games (Syndicate and Siege).

kraenk121533d ago

people just love hating. let them if it makes them happy.

evergrace1533d ago

And dont blame consoles for the reduced graphics. Blame pc parts manufacters for high prices so only a few percentage of pc gamers can play the game at E3 level graphics. Consoles have better hardware than the average pc gamer.

PersonMan1533d ago

So much screen tearing in the Xbox One version. Ewww.

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