Was GTA IV Over-hyped?

This gameplayer article explores how the fans, the media and the developer itself all joined together in making the dream of what GTA IV could be unattainable.

"A simple answer to our rhetorical title is that yes, GTA IV was indeed over-hyped. What else can you expect from the sequel to one of the highest selling game franchises of all time? Complete apathy? We don't think so. GTA fans are almost a palpable force these days, insinuating themselves into forums all over the internet and fueling rabid fanboy expectations of how each new iteration of the series should proceed."

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jkhan3738d ago

Yeap it was.
Was it the best GTA? NO
Did it had the best storyline of the franchise? Yeap it did
Was the combat better? Yeap it was.
Was the graphics & technology good? Yeap it is the best looking open world game so far.
But the combat was still flawed. The gameplay had its fair share of flaws. The biggest one was that there was no mid level checkpoint heck there was no starting checkpoints. You have to drive 5 min to get to a location.
Is GTA4 a good game, ofcourse it was. Its a 8.5-9.0 game but it wasn't a 10/10. The flaws weren't even mentioned in the previews and all.
Did i enjoy GTA4 yeap i did:D

SixTwoTwo3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I gotta disagree with you on one thing. Assassin's Creed is the best looking open world game so far. GTA IV can't touch AC I'm sorry.

GTA IV will probably go on as the most overhyped game of this generation. The storyline was great but it was the only great thing about the whole game IMO. The multiplayer was a MAJOR letdown. The gameplay felt outdated. And the ending was terrible. It felt like Rockstar took 2 steps backwards with GTA IV because San Andreas and Vice City were amazing. Oh well theres my 2centz

SlappingOysters3738d ago

SKATE - that game looked, and was, awesome!

Diamondwolf3738d ago

Actually, Halo 3 goes down in my book as the most overhyped game this generation. GTAIV not far behind but c'mon........Halo Mountain Dew much? That was a bit overboard for me.

Doesn't tarnish the fact that halo was an entertainment money making monster, was just overhyped.

Bubble Buddy3738d ago

The thing that I wanted from GTA4 and Assassin's creed was to able to go IN many buildings. Sure it would've took them a lot more work, but would've made the games much more fun.

riddlesticks3738d ago

does Michael Phelps kick-ass?

chasuk083738d ago

I wasnt say it was overhyped, I would just say it was a letdown. The hype was for all the right reasons but the game just wasnt what we expect from the grand theft auto series

deeznuts3738d ago

It was overhyped a bit, but it was a fun game to me. I liked it. I finished it and haven't thought about it since.

Halo 3. I'm playing it for the first time now, and ... I don't get it. Keep in mind I don't play online really (no time in life) so I am judging strictly on single player. I hope it gets better as of right now, I'm leaning towards not finishing it and just returning it.

himdeel3738d ago

...That was easy, give me a harder question next time :)

bpac1234567893737d ago

This is one of those articles where you just have to say duh...

GTAIV was great at first and i think thats why reviewers gave it such a good score (that and the millions of dollars worth of hype), i think that reviewers stopped playing the game after they finished the main story and than wrote the review. they probably never played the game long enough to find out that it becomes boring quickly. you should be required to play an open world game like that for a week after you finish it, before you write your review. I know they are in a rush to get there review out and get hits for there website or sales for there magazine but by rushing it they compromise there reputation.

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Captain Tuttle3738d ago

Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

SlappingOysters3738d ago

We're all a little to blame for the over-hype of GTA IV. rockstar had a vision and they pretty much delivered it. If we wanted something else then so be it, but I remember before the game came out the number of stories on this site that went through the roof.

Everyone was just building it up to be the next Super Mario 64 and it could only be a Super Mario Bros. 3

InMyOpinion3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Exactly. People demanded perfection, which is impossible to deliver. It's still one of the best games this generation. Still play it on a daily basis.

thebudgetgamer3738d ago

it was compared to other gta games if a dev not named rockstar north had made the game this wouldnt be an issue

solar3738d ago

agreed. played it for 2 weeks now it rots. i was very disappointed personally.

Masta_fro3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

i just felt there was so much missing from previous gta's. The graphics were good, the story was good, game play was sort of, driving mechanics were horrible...

but once you finished the what?

seriously... where are my airplanes, jet packs, parachutes, harrier jets, secret military sh1t that only cool people know about???

Played it for a week, finished it, never touched it since. Recently traded it for uncharted when trophy support came out.

realistic review (IMHO):
Graphics: 9.2
Gameplay: 7.0
Story: 8.0
Lasting Appeal: 6.0

7.2 : Decent

antt33737d ago

Yeah, my copy of GTA is just sitting there too. The thing is, I really enjoyed the game, but the story wasn't keeping me engaged. Other games (like UNcharted) sunk it's teeth in and would not let go until I finished the game.

But at the same time, GTA4 just isn't that type of game. it's the kind that you can take your time playing and going back to after a couple weeks playing something else.

Sort of like Oblivion. Because of all the side quests and free world roaming. The emphasis is on a slow exploration rather than a bing-bang-boom, I finished the game and never want to play it again.

Although, i realize, plenty of people felt that way. but for me, it's a game I will play on and off for months (actually, I still haven't finished it once.) :-P

solar3737d ago (Edited 3737d ago )

i couldnt even make it past Packie. sorry if i forgot how to spell his name. the story seemed to be good, but i couldnt get into the game. i guess it is a "to each his own" type of game. but for IGN to give the game a 10 for the first time in 10 years since Soul Caliber on the Dreamcast i was expecting a lot more. and i havent played a GTA since Vice City. it felt, the same. and the cover system was a pain at times.

MGS4 and HL2 Ep:2 spoilers ahead!! do not read further if you havent finished it!!!

i dont even know if i can agree with their MGS4 review. it would have ended with Snake killing himself. that wouldve made it a 10 in my eyes. not the lame ending it did have. the Big Boss and Zero ending couldve happened before that scene. the most powerful scene was when Octacon explained to Sunny that Snake wasnt coming back. that was dramatic and emotional. the only other game that has moved me like MGS4 before the Big Boss/Zero scene is the end of HL2 Ep:2.

antt33737d ago

Oh yeah, I totally disagree with the perfect 10 score. I'm not sure I ever played a game that I thought was perfect, but for my money, Uncharted came closer than GTA4.

And as for not having finished it yet (like I said, I haven't either), I think it was the story, like you said. It just wasn't engaging enough to make me want to play straight through.

But I enjoy the game enough that I will definitely be going back to it.

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radzy3738d ago

what a boring gta. lets go bowling , wtf???????????

BigBaehr3738d ago

I must agree, I am looking for Saints Row 2 to be a lot better if they keep it the same way as the first. GTA was boring as sh!t and the hype for me only lasted a week, then I traded in.