Thursday Night Indie Spotlight: Klaus (PS4 Gameplay)

Short Pause: "Welcome to the first of what we hope will be many episodes of the Thursday Night Indie Spotlight! We here at Short Pause are fans of all games, regardless of budget, because we've learned over the years that some of the best games aren't always the "biggest" games. The Fall, Axiom Verge, The Swapper, and Kick and Fennick are examples of games that were smaller in scale, but delivered experiences that were on par with some of the best AAA-games out there. Ben Boyce will be leading the charge this week as we take a look at La Cosa Entertainment's puzzle-platformer, Klaus. It's available now on PlayStation 4!"

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TheDude791531d ago

I was pretty intrigued by this game when the PlayStation Blog posted about it, but after seeing it in action, I'm definitely going to pick this up. The soundtrack is pretty good and it looks to play pretty well, which is especially key for platformer. Glad to hear this will be making its way to the PlayStation Vita as well at some point. Cool looking game.

DirtyPete1531d ago

I think the soundtrack seems awesome too. For a game like this a great soundtrack can really help and this one has it going on :)

TheDude791531d ago

It really does, and during the stream we spoke to the developer, and they mentioned they are in the process of mastering all the tracks and it should be available to purchase at some point. So that rocks!

tazmeah1531d ago

I especially like that section where you can only move to your left - even if you push right on your stick, the character moves left - and you have to use the environment to guide him through the level. Those types of level designs always mess with me, even if I KNOW I can only move left, I still find myself trying to move right. You can just feel your brain fighting it!!