Microsoft crack Japan

ANALYSIS How Microsoft must be smiling now, with queues in Tokyo to buy Xbox 360s and with major stores selling out. And it didn't take rocket science to achieve this volte face.

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jkhan3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Question is can they carry the momentum? Sony really need to put some JRPGs on the shelf as soon as possible.
On the topic this guy is a serious xbox fanboy. I mean have you ever read so much positive attitude about xbox360 and so much hate for the ps3 from the same journalist. This guy impressed me;)

Jamie Foxx3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

are you serious?in the article his talkng like 360 sold millions and millions 'all those japanese gamers with new 360s' it sold 24k not 500k,i swear he said the same when ace combat 6 was released

dont get me wrong props to ms for selling 24,000 360s but come on, japan are starved of rpg's at the moment and 24k for a good rpg is not a saviour and in the greater scope of things a let down why... because numbers should be much higher than that japan is the home of rpgs,
when ff13 is released it will kill 24k units on a bad day which in reality is just another rpg.

i believe the new phenomonon in japan will be LBP its quirky,it captures the imagination and i just see it taking off in a way that noone will be prepared for not even sony themselves.

RealityCheck3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

jkhan, this is from "bruceongames" a well known PS3 hater. I wish we could put some sources on an ignore list, like we can do for some users. I like all my consoles, hating one or another is counterproductive.

Lumbo3738d ago

Please don't insult journalists by calling Bruce a journalist. He is a blogger at max, and not a very good one. Reminds me of "iwantmypsp4xmas"

Willio3738d ago

"Now you will tell me that one swallow doesn’t make a summer."

i simply just dont get it.

3738d ago
Bloodwar3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

You are calling Japan home of the RPG yet you say on a bad day, they sell 24,000 units. In America, a bad day would be selling a million units, especially for something with the name Finaly Fantasy tagged to the title. =)

This is merely an opinion of mine. Yes perhaps Japan's industry creates JRPGs, but they don't sell the most RPGs nor do they necessarily create the greatest RPGs. Check out Knights of the Old Republic and KOTOR 2 for the original Xbox and I think those games also come out on PC if you don't own an Xbox. And some of the other Western imagined and developed RPGs that have graced the Xbox brand.

Japan is a very important market. It gives MS the credibility it needs in Asia. If MS can crack Japan, it can crack the Asian market. Then again, China's growing economy is one to consider. MS has a few R&D facilties in China. Who knows what they are working on Xbox related in China at the moment.

For closing I would like to say that I am glad that Japan is getting these great games, even if they are exclusive to the 360. It gives our Japanese brothers and sisters an opportunity to try a different flavor. They might accept us Westerners a little more and not see us so much as lessor to them but as equals.

Adamalicious3738d ago

You can't put sources on Ignore, but you can take the matter to the admins. If they deem that a site isn't worth having as a source for N4G they can ban it. I would totally support banning this lame-o blog.

MNicholas3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

however, the practice of buying titles from independent developers is a an expensive but potentially effective practice because by buying off titles that would otherwise have made it to your competitor gives consumers less reasons to buy your competitor.

It's also an anti-free market and monopolistic practice. A good analogy would be Toyota paying off Mobil and Sunoco so that only Toyota cars can fill up at those Mobil and Sunoco gas stations. In such a situation it would be very inconvenient for consumers to own something other than a Toyota in most cities.

Still, as of now it's not illegal so it's Microsoft's one tiny chance at truly cracking the japanese market. However, the larger the PS3's installed base gets the more Microsoft will have to pay developers to make sure that it's 360 only. Why? Because selling those types of games is a sure bet on the PS3 and Microsoft would have to pay those companies enough to cover the lost profits from not being able to sell to PS3 owners.

Mao3738d ago

I'm now a PS360 owner and it's all for my love of JRPGs. MS has done well for themselves with the JRPG crowd, one week or not Japan sales prove it.

Megatron083738d ago

If the article is true then not only has it sold 24k in 1 week it sold out in many places and there are more people waiting to buy them as soon as they are restocked. The 360 also has pretty impressive list of JRPG's coming out over the next few months. So it might be able to keep it sales high for a while.

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predator3738d ago

We will have to wait to see how Infinite Undiscovery does and how many units of software and hardware that pushes....but overall yeah the 360 can enjoy some much needed success over there and hopefully that will last a bit longer too

aceitman3738d ago

then what did sony do when 74,000 ps3 where sold when mgs4 came out split them wide open ....

Fishy Fingers3738d ago

Tales of Vesperia cracks Japan more like. Regardless of people claiming console bias/manufacturer bias if a console has the right games that appeal people will buy it.

Tales of Vesperia as an exclusive 360 JRPG was obviously going to propel 360 sales, but MS doesn't have an exclusive every month.

predator3738d ago

actualy they do but October

himdeel3738d ago the genre of game not the system. This goes for consoles and handhelds. You put a JPRPG on the PSP or DS and you will see similar movement.

Syronicus3738d ago

*checks to see who author is*

Oh, Bruce, it's you again...

*moves on*

Nothing to see here folks.

v1c1ous3738d ago

i do the same with every hiphopgamer post :D

Silogon3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

I swear, Bruce must have a trust fund for his kids set up through Microsoft or something cause this is the biggest fanboy I've ever seen. EVER! He is out and out absurd to the point you don't know if he is serious or not anymore. Bruce, please... quit your day job here.

There is no "break" thru on the Japanese front. 24 thousand units is nothing. When they reach a million units after 3 years on the market, it's bad. Alright? It's worse than bad, it's a disaster. The even sadder part, they haven't even hit 1 million units sold in japan yet. Not even 1 million, Bruce... 3 years, not even 1 million.

Your break thru in Japan is about as meaningful as your website.

HDDVD_ftw3738d ago

Yeah, bots are really desperate these days... Give them a game, please.

Seriously, your console is dying, get over it, we can't do anything about it, and neither can you.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Do we have to read this SH*T from this CR*P site ''???
Let's have more from that other CR*P site xBoxMartQueens.con whatever it's called!!! ;-D

+Take my Bubbles away you Cheating R*tards!!! ;-D I'll be Back!!! ;-D

+It should say -

'Microsoft take Crack in Japan(and think they have won the Console Wars!!!)' ;-D

AngryTypingGuy3738d ago

Yeah, the 360's really dying, except for the fact that Gears 2 will outsell any PS3 release this year including MGS4, and the fact that more games are sold on the 360.

robbo9183738d ago

If you compare current games sales between PS3 and X360 instead of using the lifetime attach rate (since the X360 had a year with no competition at all), they are starting to show a different story. Software sales are closing fast...but who knows where this will all end up.

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