The Great Destiny Malaise Of 2016

For the past few months, hardcore Destiny players have felt a lingering sense of dissatisfaction with the game they love. Partly triggered by a drought of new content and partly by poor communication from developer Bungie, this feeling followed the game through the holidays and into the new year. Call it the Destiny malaise.

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Khaotic1526d ago

You cant delay something thats never been officialy announced "Destiny 2". With that said i hope they are rewriting the tools they used to create the game. The last destiny expose made it sound like it was such a long process to even move an asset in the game much less create one. This game was fun. Could have been amazing but it seems like this whole development of destiny has been poorly managed from the start and as the months go by it shows more and more. It makes me sad because i had alot of fun, over 1000 hours, but i havnt played and wont be back unless things change. And its not showing signs of doing it

ninsigma1526d ago

I love Destiny. It is such a fun game to play. Great world and lore and gameplay is top notch but I do agree that it was on the cusp of of being epic but something happened during dev that made them miss the mark. I think Activision played a vital role in that.

Khaotic1526d ago

Im not so sure about activision getting involved to much in the beginning. I believe bungie had the pedigree with halo that at first activision stayed out of their way and only made marketing and pricing structures. I could be wrong. But if they were not involved i guarentee you they are now. Something screwy has benn going on since day 1 of development and the old expose on destiny highlighted it was bungies uppers that scrapped the original story and never once was it in there that activision was the problem. I believe activision gives there top developers slack, look at Treyarchs cod title. Bungie needs to step back and make their next title what people were wanting

jhpadilla1526d ago

I agree with Khaotic

I'm sure Bungie has a lot of slack, they're just not sure what to do with Destiny. They nailed the gameplay and went with it, story be damned (for now). They started to 'fix' the story on the go, but with Destiny, a constantly 'in present' world its not easy. I bet the engine and software is very new and don't have enough tools to deal with it or create new content that easily or at a reasonable pace.

To make matters worse, they want to make money with it AND keep us hooked at the same time, they are experimenting ways to do this. The problem is, you don't do that with customers. You do that then you play with their loyalty (and money) you'll end up with neither.

I don't envy Bungie's place right now, but its up all up to them. And I'm pretty sure that's how Activision treats them: "Make money, we'll sell the hell outta you to the public. Stop making money, we cash you out."

Still, in my humble opinion, if they focus in fixing the game as they have been until House of Wolves (Taken King made it better but much more worse at the same time), and more consumer friendly, the money will flow in naturally. Build it, and they will come.

Just my 2 cents.

Khaotic1526d ago

I believe when bungie seperated with ms they were in the position to name their own terms. And creative freedom would have been in the contract. Think of it like say a Stephen King. Do you think he lets his publishers dictate what he can and cant write. Ultimatly they dont have to publish anything but they have money invested so its only logical that they put it out there and see what happens. Bungie was the hottest free agent on the market and i guarentee EA and Ubi ponied up to the table. But ultimatly Activision made the best offer. And i would bet my console creative freedom was in it.

ninsigma1526d ago

Hmmm not sure. I know the documented decisions were made by Bungie higher ups but I always had the feeling that it was Acti were the ones to actually make it and told Bungie what to do. I guess I'd like to believe that Bungie are only doing it this way due to publisher demands as opposed to them actually deciding to split up their own game. Either way, something weird did happen for a lot of stuff to ripped out of the base game.

Khaotic1526d ago

I just dont know either. Something weird is going on at bunievision and I hope they can get it straightned out

Knushwood Butt1526d ago

I noticed that even the hardcore destiny players on my friends list don't play it any more.

By the way, didn't give the site a click.

Ortonamus1526d ago

Personally TTK has been a huge letdown. Running the Vault with Fatebringer, Found Verdict, and Gjallarhorn... simply amazing. Still sad they made those guns obsolete after so much effort was put into getting them. Destiny has felt like a shadow of the game since the release of TTK.

Italiano12345671525d ago

Fact is Destiny is still awesome has some of the best shooting mechanics in a fps and that's y millions of people still play game is perfect and people love to bitch about everything no matter what...never will be able to make everyone happy....yes has it's flaws but damn it's fun and I've never sunk so much time in a game as I have with destiny