New Evolve Hunter Available Next Week

Hardcore Gamer: Dr. Kala Kapur, or Kala, is a leading expert in Monster biology. She used this knowledge to splice her own DNA with that of creatures and has now gained some of their abilities. Kala is part of the Support class and uses these newly found techniques to aid her team as they go head-on with the beasts. It's crazy, but someone has to do it.

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Findingcrybabies1526d ago

I never even played it at all until recently. After all of their DLC and money grubbing practices I said screw that game. And I will also do the same in the future with that dev, but they recently came out with the ultimate edition with all of the content included for a fair price and I bought it. I absolutely love the game and there are still a lot of people playing it.

Also there is a KILLER sale for this game and its season passes in the PS store this week. I'm talking hunting pass 2 70% off type deals.

ZILLA1526d ago

Hell Yeah!!since the latest update this game is ONLINE INSANITY!!

kaizokuspy1526d ago

I hated the update that dropped deployable from 5 to 3. Really wad a buzzkill