Battlefront 3 Leak Shows The Game That Could Have Been

Jordan Writes: I’m not upset about the game we didn’t get, I’m upset about the game we got. EA’s Battlefront III didn’t have to be Battlefront II, they were allowed to take risks and try new things, that’s something sorely missing from the “AAA game industry.” But they didn’t take any risks where it counted. Instead, they gave us a game that was so reflective of the industry: they sold us half a game then wanted to charge extra for the rest of it.

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Juiceid1538d ago

Now I wish I had a modded system so I could play this!

-Foxtrot1538d ago

So basically a better, a truer sequel to Battlefront with most likely more content

Anthotis1538d ago

Fear not. I'm sure the rest(the full game) will be released as part of a cut content pass, with many a tard being more than happy to line the pockets of these dishonest leeches.

ALowlyRock1538d ago

Sad that a canceled game from 10 years ago is miles ahead of the crap that EA and Dice gave us. Shame we couldn't get Free Radical's game.

XhiXExtreme1537d ago

Welcome to planet earth where they design the GREAT stuff only to cancel it and to piss you off about that :)