Writer for Dragon Age No Longer Working at Bioware

David Gaider, a writer whose spent nearly 20 years writing games such as KOTOR and Dragon Age, announced he won't be at Bioware any longer.

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GigawattConduit1531d ago

I actually ended up liking a lot of the Dragon Age Inquisition characters. They were fun.

capitanandi1531d ago

Inquisition's cast are what kept me going through the story. The main plot itself was all right, but it was all about the cast and their own backstories. They fleshed it out tremendously. I hope future games don't take too much of a hit from the loss of Gaider.

GigawattConduit1531d ago

Dorian's story hit me harder than I would've imagined, and I loved Cassandra's secret love for smut. If they do another game, I hope the characters are equally as great.

Herbalistic1531d ago

How much of the original team is still working at Bioware?

GigawattConduit1531d ago

I think there's still some left? Not a huge purge, but I don't think all the OG crew is still there.

Summons751531d ago

not many if any at all. Once the founders left Bioware went downhill quick.

dharmaboy1531d ago

EA and that Reaper Peter Moore destroyed them!

sullynathan1531d ago

funny how the founders where there when Dragon Age 2 and Mass Effect 3 both released.

Relientk771531d ago

Wonder what developer will snag him up

Ashlen1530d ago

Probably none, I assume the reason big name people who have left Bioware in the past haven't created new studios or joined others is because of some sort of non-competition agreement they had to sign when they joined EA. It's not at all uncommon.

Ogygian1531d ago

So glad.

He was one of the most militant SJWs working at the company.

I hope whoever takes over can at least try and balance the different preferences of fans rather than taking sides and outright insulting many.

Findingcrybabies1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

DA:I was literally a checklist for SJW types. If you think about all the groups and look they were forced into the game. Even outright changing Qunari lore from previous games to fit in. It was bad.

The GAME should come first. The GAME should be paramount. Everything else should work to enhance that. It shouldn't be a platform to preach from. Seeing the game as what it was really killed it for me. I was excited and pre ordered it too......

Halo4isTrash1531d ago

Good riddance then, assuming he was a militant SJW/

Roccetarius1531d ago

Indeed, the company is better off in this case. DG was writing with his own intentions in mind first, instead of what was better for the game as a whole.

MrPerfect8131531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

Going to interesting to see how the next Mass Effect storyline and characters shape up in comparison to the past ME's and DA's...

Findingcrybabies1531d ago (Edited 1531d ago )

I believe he was not involved with ME. If I remember correctly he was working on Bioware's unannounced new IP. You are right though. It will be interesting to see how ME shapes up this go around. ME3 was an....event. lol. You have to give Bioware credit for releasing the new ending for free though. They at least tried even if people weren't satisfied.

MrPerfect8131531d ago

Did not know that, thanks for the info. I forgot about that unannounced IP...I think BioWare tries to do good work usually, like with the free new ME3 ending...hopefully the story/characters of the game get even better, and agendas arent just thrown in just because.

Ogygian1531d ago

I believe the next Mass Effect is being written by the guy behind Halo 4.

sullynathan1531d ago

I don't think so, Bio have not mentioned him on their site.

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The story is too old to be commented.